February 5, 2013

The Daily Double: The Skorpion Show 2/3-2/5 Week

Here's something new, this week i'm giving you all a double dosage of one of my favorite YouTube shows The Skorpion Show featuring hosts Kevin and Makael. I know I haven't been keeping you all up to date on the most popular entertainment vlog show, but if I don't keep you up to speed, you can always log onto YouTube and check out the shows yourself. It's also highly recommended if you SUBSCRIBE to their channel. 

2/3 - Beyonce's Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Performance

In this video you will see the immediate reaction to Kevin and Makael's viewing of Beyonce's halftime performance right after she got off stage. The video is as real as you see it being recorded. Everything you hear and see was no pre-recording at all! I pretty much enjoy this video because it is based on their sole reactions and opinions. This is a video you don't want to miss. 

2/5 Beyonce's New World Tour, HalfTime 2014, Bobbi Kristina Vs Cissy Houston, Pastor Won't Tip & More...
This is the latest episode from the two. Of course Kevin and Makael wouldn't be The Skorpion Show if they didn't talk about entertainment's biggest ANNOUNCEMENTS as well as family feuds, non entertainment news and the fan favorite getting to hear what the two been up to during the weekends. 

A lot of people in the comments complain about Kevin and Makael always holding up the video with their rants about their weekend fun, but I totally think it's a great way to CONNECT with all of their fans/supporters/stans/friends. By telling us about their weekend, they are humbling themselves more so saying "Hey, we know all these celebrities but at the end of the day we have a weekend just like YOU ALL!". Anywho check out the video, you are all bound to crack the HELL up!

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