March 18, 2013

Angela Simmons Debuts All New Website + Clothing Line

That Simmons Reign Just Won't Let Down...

Since being out of the reality tv scene fashion entrepreunuer and daughter of the great Rev Run, Angela Simmons has been cooking up a lot of projects and she is now sharing her tastes with the world. Late last month Angela debuted her all new website which she has been working hard on for months to make it an interactive feel fans can get to know Angela on a personal level inside and out. 

Angela I Am, is Angela's personal site which brings us into her mind and thoughts on the latest Fashion, Music, Fitness, Beauty and even including a Diary entry (for registered users to read) which Angela shares personal notes and feelings on whatever it is she's going through at the moment. It's nice to see celebrities create websites that makes their audience feel relatable to them. 

Along with debuting a new website, it's no secret Angela Simmons has been working to get her own clothing line aside from the joint fashion/sneaker collection shared with her sister Vanessa titled Pastry. Angela Simmons creates a line that represents fashion on a whole other level through the eyes and mind of Angela Simmons; something refreshing and new to the scene, especially for those young girls transitioning from girl to a woman. 

Check Out Angela's All New[I AM]Website
After The Jump Watch The Promo Video For Angela Simmons New Clothing Line, Angela

Will You Be Wearing This Line?