March 18, 2013

Catch Up Report!!! [NSFW]

I apologize for my absence of and work has got my hands tied behind my back!!!

While I was away a plethora of exciting entertainment news has happened and I am here to catch YOU up on everything you might have missed as well. I'm calling this the 'CATCH UP REPORT', here and there you'll see me post this. I may even do videos of the segment to make things much more interesting. We'll start by calling each story an EXHIBIT ex: EXHIBIT 1, 2, 3 and so on. 

Shall We Begin?
Exhibit 1: Ciara "Body Party"

Two weeks ago, Ciara released a new song "Body Party" written by her alleged rapper/singer boyfriend FUTURE. The song samples Ghost Down DJ's "My Boo" in which Ciara sings her GORGEOUS body is the temple to an invitation to party upon. How sexual can you get from that?! BUT here's where things get steamy, it was circuited on the internet, Rihanna and her BFF/Assistant Melissa and another unknown girl were lying down of what it looks like the trio were smiling/giggling at Ciara's ACAPELLA BATHROOM version of "Body Party". 

Let me remind you, the two (Rihanna & Ciara) have been on rocky DIVA terms since their Twitter feud last year. Melissa posted the pic on her Instagram and Ciara calls out the girls saying they did it to be very malicious. Well, Ciara to me it doesn't look like they were laughing at the picture, maybe they do enjoy the BATHROOM ACAPELLA version better.
Photo Courtesy of Necole Bitchie
EXHIBIT 2: Braxton Family Values season 3

The Braxton sisters (Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar) as well as their beautiful mother Ms. Evelyn were all on the promo rounds as they geared up to promote season 3 of WEtv's #1 show The Braxton Family Values. When I say the claws come out of the bag this season, I MEAN IT! No, there's not actual fighting, but the sister feud is on FUEGO this season and the person who seems to be the odd man to blame is the outspoken talented Tamar Braxton

YES! The sisters once again are feuding with Tamar and we will find out why during the season as well as catch up with what the girl's have been up to since Trina's renewal of her vows with husband Gabe Solis. A LOT HAS HAPPENED TOO!!! So remember to stay tuned every Thursday night at 9PM on WEtv! Oh' did I mention Tamar and Vince are expecting their first child!!! CONGRATS TO THE BOTH OF THEM! Looks as if we'll have to continue to wait on that new album from Tamar. Especially since "Love and War" is doing tremendously well on the RnB charts. 

Exhibit 3: Love & Hip-Hop New York

Oooh, so much is going on behind the scenes this season. Especially with cast members physically fighting one another, oh' I'm talking about Joe Budden and Consequence. Yes! The two of them were in a violent altercation during last weeks taping of the reunion show, where Joe Budden describes the attack of a two minute break as he and other cast mate Tahiry were about to step outside for a smoke break when Consequence snuck up behind Joe and snuffed him in the back of the head, all while Tahiry snuffing Consequence to face to protect her MAN

Then soon after a video floated on the internet of Consequence getting jumped by allegedly some people of Joe Budden's camp. In the video you can also hear Jen the Pen (Consequence's long time baby mother/girlfriend) in the car yelling and screaming at the guys who jumped Cons, CRAZY MESS!!! Hopefully, we'll get to see why Consequence decided to attack Joe Budden when the reunion airs on VH1 soon. 

In other Love & Hip-Hop New York news, last week genitalia pictures of cast member Rich Dollaz surfaced the net and boy things were looking PRETTY SHORT! The season is dragging but behind the scenes is what Mona Scott needs to be filming. All this drama is unfolding on the blogs, radio interviews, video footage and much more, I don't think we even need to stay tuned on Monday nights at 8PM!
Photo Courtesy of Funky Dineva
Exhibit 4: Lil' Kim Fires Back At The Blogs & Paps

Everything touched on Lil' Kim doesn't turn to gold. I love Lil' Kim but she can't point the finger at all BLOGGERS. The past few weeks Lil' Kim has been in a rage against the internet and paps on how they are photoshopping her to be someone she's not. Okay let me cut to the chase, the QUEEN BEE is not feeling her appearance the media that is. We all know Lil' Kim may have had one too many under the knife procedures but she believes the paps and photoshop has taken it too far. 

In the media we've seen Lil' Kim looking an Asian or a fat faced woman when eventually non of those appearances are accurate. Can't we just blame Lil' Kim's evolving looks on the magic perfection of MAKEUP?! I guess we all forget the real transformation makeup can do to one's face. Whatever the reasoning is, we hope Lil' Kim gets back in the studio and release an album we all have been waiting for since her release from jail. 

Exhibit 5: Kanye West vs. Justin Timberlake?

It is said Kanye West is jealous of the new Bromance between Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z. I mean after all who wouldn't be, the two of them together have a #1 song throughout the country "Suit & Tie" and to add their performances together since the Grammy's have been impeccable. Well, during one of Kanye West's shows he stated that he didn't care for JT's "Suit & Tie". 

Of course, people are going to run and make a BIG story out of it. I just basically said, well we are all entitled not to like something right?! Then last week JT hit Saturday Night Live, where he threw a jab right back Kanye all while Jay-Z was on stage performing with him. Now, Do I think this "FEUD" is serious? ...HELL NO! I really think the three of them are best of friends joking with one another. I don't believe Kanye is jealous of Jay-Z and JT's relationship, but I do feel he doesn't like the song and that's his opinion and feelings. I felt the same way about it when it first came out, now I'm beginning to LOVE IT.

Exhibit 6: Nicki Minaj Tones It Down

After firing her outrageous hairstylist, Nicki Minaj as been seen on the scene much more toned down than the usual outlandish, ridiculous outfits we're used to seeing her in. Of course, there is only one reason why we're seeing a much more toned down Nicki Minaj...AMERICAN IDOL! All while Nicki is a judge on the hit FOX talent competition show, I believe the producers told Nicki to tone it down and look more TV friendly. Or maybe Nicki is growing up and is finally realizing those crazy wild up to the sky hairdo's and stand out clownish outfits are for little kids and not grown woman!

Nicki Minaj also just did a spread with Elle Magazine and she looks absolutely stunning!!! I'm really loving the much more toned down Nicki Minaj, though she still showcases her crazy, corky personality on IDOL, she remains a bit more contained and normal. The long straight her for Nicki is her ally, the blonde though. I'd hate to see Nicki go back to that dreadful dark black hair. 
Photo Courtesy of Elle Magazine
Photo Courtesy of Elle Magazine
Photo Courtesy of Elle Magazine
Photo Courtesy of Elle Magazine
Welp! That ends the CATCH UP REPORT!!! I do have much more tea, but everything can't be given away you know. You'll have to stay tuned for the videos or do your research yourself! JUST KIDDING! You know I'm here to give you the 411 on what's happening in the entertainment bizz that occurred and I haven't blogged about it. 

If there are other stories you'd like me to cover or talk about please Tweet me @LaTroyWatson with the hashtag #CatchUpReport and name a certain entertainment story, scandal, performance, show and etc. 

THANK YOU TO: Necole Bitchie, Funky Dineva, TMZ, Wendy Williams, World Star Hip-Hop & Elle Magazine!