March 5, 2013

Download: Enfamous 'My Revenge' EP

'My Revenge' EP Photo Art Courtesy of Enfamous

New Jersey's rising singer/dancer/songwriter Enfamous has finally released his first EP titled My Revenge. It's been a long time since we all have waited for Enfamou's debut EP since he put out his first single "Point & Grill" back in 2010. Within those tree years, Enfamous teased us with singles to keep us on our toes of what to expect on his EP. Shall I add the three year wait was WORTH IT! 

Back and ready to take the music industry by storm, Enfamous's hardwork and dedication shows throughout this EP. The lead single "Forget To Love Me" introduced us to the complete new sound Enfamous is introducing us to as he evolves into the artist he's always dreamt of. The fan favorite follow up second single "Hope You Hurt" showed how talented Enfamous is as a vocalist and songwriter. 

My Revenge, is an EP for all those who have been hurt in some way  shape or form in a relationship; it can even be with an ex-friend. The 10 track EP serves as an all round EP you have to play from beginning to end; NO SKIPPING NECESSARY. The whole EP is one A-FUCKING-MAZING EP that sounds like a full production LP. Tracks include "Hope You Hurt", "Regret", "Battle", "Freak My Body" and the phenomenal "Hope You Hurt (Reprised) feat. Farrah Roshay A-Natural" who both share an EPIC vocal performance of the song together as a duet as well as other songs you will LOVE

Be Sure To Download 'My Revenge' & Use Hashtag #MyRevenge Once You Download The EP To Share With Your Friends, Followers, Instagramers & Etc. 

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