March 18, 2013

Enfamous's EP Release Party [Pics]

Though I wish I filmed and took more photos...

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to Enfamous's EP release party for his long awaited first EP 'My Revenge' which turned out to be very successful. The ep was available to download for FREE! And with numbers shown, the downloads reach high in the thousands. Enfamous along with his band, producer and amazing background singers took the stage to put on a stellar performance I will remember for the rest of my life! 

Enfamous performed the lead single "Hope You Hurt" off 'My Revenge' and that performance touched people in the audience so much some were tearing, as they could relate to each and every lyric and verse Enfamous poured his heart out as he sang so melodically and effortless. I'm really proud and happy at the artist Enfamous has made himself to become. What I really love about Enfamous is that he sits down and writes his own music, arranges the melodies as well as visualizes his performances and puts it all together. 

If there is one unsigned artist who you are to look out for in 2013, I would have to say Enfamous. He is taking New Jersey by storm and the lyrics he writes down with his pen and pad are soon going to earn him a Grammy Award. Here are some photos I have taken, you can view them after the jump.

If You Haven't Already Downloaded Your Copy Of Enfamous'My Revenge' Please Click Here To Download It!