March 19, 2013

Everyday Lies: Ep. 2 - 6

Remember back in early February when I introduced you all to a new half improv/scripted webisode series by Steve Royall titled 'Everyday Lies'? Well, I didn't even know there has been SIX episodes so far. I really have been straying away from the internet since this school semester got so heavy. 

Here to catch you up I'm posting episodes 2-6 so that we all can get a good laugh during our lunch breaks or leisure time. Must I remind you, this show is hysterically funny. YouTube is the place to go when you have a creative idea for a show or short film. YouTube is like the new COMCAST for people. I find myself watching YouTube videos much more than I watch my own television. 

Again, Interesting Right? I Will Keep You All Updated From Now On! 
I'm So Sad I've Missed So Many Funny Episodes!