March 18, 2013

Hottest Celebrity Fashionable Moms To Be!

These Celeb's Make Maternal Wear Fashion PHRESH OUT THE RUNWAY...

Already mom Jessica Simpson and mothers to be Tamar Braxton and Kim Kardashian have been spotted out and about looking as if maternal pregnancy is as easy as 1-2-3!!! Well for them it is because they have the coins, but I've never seen maternal fashion so HAUTE in my life!!! And to add these starlets are wearing 6 inch heels. 

I guess after BeyoncĂ©'s fashionable pregnancy the maternal fashion has evolved and got totally TURNED UP!!! Whoever is dressing these moms to be, I'm loving it. The three gorgeous women all look beautiful as they boast their new glowing looks. I can't believe how effortless they make their ensembles look, I mean it's tough when pregnant because you have to adjust to weight gain and what fits comfortably on your body. 


Check Out My Favorite Maternal Looks These HAUTE Maternal Women Were Sporting! 

What Are Your Favorite Maternal Looks From Celebrities Who Were Pregnant Or Expecting?