March 19, 2013

Keyshia Cole Receives #BeyHive Backlash...

*Prays* Please GOD Don't Let The #BeyHive Start Throwing Beyoncé CDs At Keyshia Cole...

So if you weren't on Twitter or the blogosphere yesterday, then you had miss the total backlash Keyshia Cole received from the #BeyHive (Beyoncé fans). Keyshia Cole has been in the media waves as becoming a bit vocal about certain artists such as her too vocally rude opinion on former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams last month during and right after she performed alongside Kelly and Beyoncé for the Super Bowl Halftime Performance. Fans have already been coming for Keyshia's throat and they came HARD!!! 

This time around Keyshia is back again getting attacked all over the world when she had something to say about Beyoncé's newest track "Bow Down/ I Been On": 

Along with that tweet came the following:

Keyshia has got to be mad at somebody though?! Maybe it's her struggling career, look I don't know. What I do know is, I don't think Keyshia has learned her lesson the first time around when she got on Michelle William's case. But as always Keyshia Cole is a firecracker and will not shut down for ANYBODY! After a few Meme attacks from fans, I highly suggest Keyshia Cole STOP NOW! the #BeyHive fans are crucial and territorial when it comes to their #KINGBEY. The fans sent Keyshia Cole the following messages: 

Beyoncé said it best...KEYSHIA GIVE IT UP!