March 19, 2013

L&L: Lavan Lamar Clothing Apparel

It's Great To See People Are Choosing To Become More Artistic Than Being A Local Rapper...

Since last year I've been paying a close eye on two gentleman who were in the process of creating and starting their own clothing line. The clothing line titled 'L&L' (Lavan Lamar) features high-end street-wear that anyone male or female can rock. The two gentleman hail from Westfield, New Jersey and when I say their designs are DOPE & SICK, I mean it! The clothing specializes in shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for a reasonable affordable price. 

L&L has already been getting rave reviews to where as they have been featured on blogs and can be seen worn by celebrities, most famously the pop superstar JoJo. I don't think it will be long until L&L will appear on fashion runways or on more famous celebrities. To make things even better, I will have the chance to interview the two on the clothing line so, stay tuned next week for that. 

I love that the L&L line is so simple yet stands out. The letters L with the & symbol just makes it high-end. They've also dapped in mixing their shirts with tie-dye designs. This is definitely something I can see myself in, because I'm a sucker for simple, comfortable yet making a STATEMENT. I mean my name's LaTroy so why not rock L&L gear. By looking at the pics of models wearing the designs, I can honestly assure you, there is no wrong way to wear L&L. You'll see as well after the jump!

Meanwhile check out some of their pieces for L&L and if you are in LOVE like I am, then you can go on ahead and purchase your Lavan Lamar shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies at their online store.  Be sure to also look out for the exclusive Spring 2013 Collection coming soon. 

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All Photos Courtesy of Lavan Williams & L&L Press