March 19, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Easter Deviled Eggs

Photo Courtesy of Real Mom Kitchen
Just In Time For Easter ...

I can't believe how fast 2013 is flying by us, I mean it's already Easter soon. Well, I love this time of the year because that means nice warm weather will be approaching as well as we get to become festive for the Spring Time. 

I wanted to choose a light colorful and festive meal that will liven up our spirits on Easter Day. Thanks to Real Mom Kitchen for posting the colorful Easter Deviled Eggs. I am a BIG FAN of Deviled Eggs and instead of painting the outside of a hardboiled egg, why not dye the egg's soft part?! 

I remember being a kid and loving to dye hardboiled eggs, create silly faces and then afterwards eat them. I hope I can relive this childhood fun-time with my nephews when they come over. Hopefully, we'll try this new idea of eating colored eggs this year. 

Has Anyone Done This Before?! 
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