March 18, 2013

Tiffany Evans: Take 1 - Ep. 1

With the release of her incredible mixtape titled '143' last month, Tiffany Evans is now creating webisodes which gives us an inside glimpse into her new life as a wife, mother and entertainer. We all know Tiffany Evans as the young striving artist who circuited the world with her God amazing heavenly voice who then shared her talents on the big screen alongside Tyler Perry and even scoring a record deal and soon to be managed by Matthew Knowles shortly parting ways to know becoming a woman and doing it all again on her terms. 

Watch as Tiffany introduces us to who she is, where she see's herself in the future musically and how being a wife and mother changed her as a young woman as well as a behind the scenes look of her recording her latest EP '143'. The new web-series is entitled 'Take 1' and so far she has released episode one. Throughout the coming weeks we should be able to see more episodes and hear more new music from the young powerful beauty.