April 4, 2013

Assigned Sex - Ep. 4: Just Passing By [Video]

Do You Know Anyone Who Is Transgendered Or Thinking About Becoming Transgendered?

As we get deeper and deeper in episodes of Shaun Dawson's documentary webseries 'The Making of Assigned Sex', we're beginning to see each personality open up and become more candid more than ever. Episode 3 touched on 'The Lonely "T" In LGBT' which the cast talked about the Transgendered community who are most often outcasted from the Lesbian and Gay world as well as those who are Straight (Heterosexual). 

In episode 4 'Just Passing By', the cast (Jay'Lin, L, LaLa, Angel and Kyrie) talk to Shaun Dawnson about the medical side of becoming transgender. It's not easy becoming another gender, there are a few procedures; surgical and non surgical a person has to go through. In the episode we learn some transgenders use pills, needles and patches to either obtain testosterone or estrogen. We also learn when transitioning from gender, the person must seek guidance and help (therapy sessions) to make sure the person becoming transgender is comfortable with their life made decision. 
I won't be giving you detail by detail on what goes on in the episode, you will have to watch and observe for yourself. Understand this is a serious matter and no one is to practice transgender procedures without seeking medical attention/help. In episode 4 we learn, which I didn't know is that some of the changes the pills, needles and patches causes and effects of what takes place throughout and within the human body. 
I Now Present To You Shaun Dawson's 'The Making of Assigned Sex' Ep. 4 'Just Passing By' 

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