April 4, 2013

Beyonce Premieres New PEPSI Commercial + Snippet 'Grown Woman'

Beyonce In The New PEPSI 'Mirrors' Commercial

Beyonce Makes Another PEPSI Commercial ICONIC!

Yesterday, Beyonce hinted us all that something big was happening and well today that something big turned out to be the new PEPSI commercial featuring Beyonce which featured a rumored new single snippet for her upcoming rumored fifth album titled 'Mrs. Carter'. 

In the entertaining minute commercial, Beyonce is seem in a dance studio where she's practicing choreography where she then takes a break to grab a can of PEPSI; after she's finished quenching her thirst Beyonce comes face to face with her past. 

Take A Look:

I Told You It's ICONIC! 

Now about the snippet "Grown Woman"...

it was rumored early in the wee hours the new song is the first single off of Beyonce's untitled fifth album. Unfortunately, Beyonce's reps contacted Billboard and stated the song will be featured on the new album but it is not the first single. Along with the rumors "Grown Woman" will be available in its entirety and released on iTunes this coming Monday 4/9. Beyonce's reps have yet responded to those rumors. 

All I know is Beyonce needs to hurry it up with this new single and new album. I already purchased and received my 'The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour' tickets and I will not enter the IZOD Center arena with old material I already know the words too! Of course if she does release the new single and album before the tour, I will then know the whole album front and back. 

What's Your Take On The Commercial And Snippet? 
(here are my favorite moments from the commercial)

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