April 4, 2013

New Mixtape: Dezzy Breezy 'Deadman Wonderland'

Photo Courtesy of Hot New Hip-Hop
My friend Dezzy just released his long awaited rap mixtape titled 'Deadman Wonderland'. The mixtape features my favorite "Type Of Party", I don't know if you remember but I did a blog post on the single a while back. Dezzy has began his rounds of rapping, trying to break into the scene. It's not that easy to just put a production of music together and releasing it out to the public for the whole world to hear. 

If you're one who loves listening to unsigned artists and new music then I suggest you take a listen to Dezzy's mixtape 'Deadman Wonderland'. Now this is a totally different rap mixtape from any other mixtape you've ever heard. There are your party type songs and then there are songs that will have you thinking "WHAT THE HELL!" but rest assure Dezzy is one talented young man. 

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