May 20, 2013

Beyoncé - "Grown Woman" Paris Live Performance

Photo Courtesy of Rap-Up
Okay, Okay So What I'm Late So What! 

Towards the end of last month while on the European leg of her tour, Beyoncé decided to perform her PEPSI commercial smash song "Grown Woman" in its entirety. With millions asking whether we'll receive a new Beyoncé album and the three songs that hit the new from #KingBey herself were never confirmed if they are official or not from her long awaited 5th album; Her newest tour 'The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour' doesn't include any new songs to perform on the set list. 

Well, it just so happens Beyoncé decided to surprise fans during her week long every night show in Paris and perform the song "Grown Woman" with her dancers and colorful LED screen. The song differs from the PEPSI commercial snippet, with Beyoncé's all female band, the beat is more caribbean/african influenced. 

Out of all the three songs that are of Beyoncé's this year, I'd have to admit this song is my favorite. Beyoncé did justice as she performed the song and slayed the choreography for it. If you haven't saw or heard "Grown Woman" in its full entirety then take a look below: