May 20, 2013

Kris Jenner's Daytime Talk Show 'Kris' [Set]

As If The Kardashians Needed More Airtime!

The Matriarch and Mom of the Kardashian Dolls Kris Jenner, has scored her a daytime talk show with FOX! I don't know what the show's theme is going to be like, but it'll most probably be like your regular daytime talk show just with a host who is ridiculously RICH in life, coins, marriage, children and in television. 

KRIS is set to air this summer, July 15th, but wait until you check out the set. I have never seen a set look like the inside of a million dollar home in my entire 24yrs of living! Kris Jenner sure enough knows how to put on a SHOW [LITERALLY]. I love my Kardashian girls, so you know i'll be tuned. I just think this show will be anything like Bethenny Frankel and Ricki Lake's daytime talk shows. 

Blahh, Who Knows? Just Get Into The Set Dahling! 

Will You Be Watching?