May 20, 2013

New Music: Chris Brown Feat. Aaliyah "They Don't Know" [Snippet]

Where  The Hell Are Drake & Chris Brown 
Getting All Of These Aaliyah Vocals From?! 

Is it just me or are you asking yourself the same question?! Well, this past weekend floating all over entertainment cyber space there has been a leaked song (don't know if it's official or not) with the combining voices of the late great Aaliyah and Chris Brown. The two lend their voices on Chris Brown's newest song "The Don't Know". The song was first introduced as Chris Brown was spotted shooting a video for the song: 

Well, the song has surfaced but not the full length official studio version. Just a snippet which still founds fuzzy, but you can definitely hear some vocals from both artists. In all of the Aaliyah vocal borrowing, I just want to know how her family feels about the songs. I mean it's been 12yrs since Aaliyah graced the earth with her LIVE vocals, how can someone continue to use someone vocals who isn't here in FLESH to either approve or disapprove. 

Whatever the case, I can't wait to fully hear the song and read your concerns. What do you think of the song?