May 20, 2013

New Music: Sincere Feat. Levy "$trippers"

Stripping Club Music Is Def My Favorite This 2013 Year !!!

Here's a friend of mine, he goes by the name of Sincere, he's a young man who has helped his part in serving the country in the army. First and foremost, we must thank him for that!!! I couldn't have done that myself, especially during our economic time and War on Terrorism

Sincere, is stepping away from serving the country to focus on his music career. Starting off as a newbie to the game, for some years Sincere has been in and out the studio producing and laying down vocals to tracks trying to find his sound. With the popular crave of club/dance music, the NJ Native has found his calling. 

Sincere's is debuting his new song "$trippers" feat. Levy, which gets you #turnedup in just a matter of seconds. We all love our TURN UP music before and after we hit the club; for most the STRIP CLUBS! "$trippers" is the perfect song to get hyped and even dance to. Sincere has picked the right time to debut his music career; SUMMER TIME!!! 

Listen To The New Track Below!

What Did You Think Of The Hit?! This Is Definitely One Of My Favorite Summer #TurnUp Bangers! 

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