May 21, 2013

Power Rangers Reunion Becoming An Epic Failure

Slightly Original Power Ranger Cast (Replacements: Yellow, Blue, Red)
Will We Ever Get An Appropriate Power Rangers Reunion?!

If you're my age, then you most remember the kid loving television show that featured martial art colorful crime stoppers who dubbed themselves as The Might Morphin Power Rangers. Oh' this was back in the 90s (I'm not telling my age!). The Power Rangers were a group of High School students who fought off the crime in the streets of Angel Grove City. 

For years different installments of The Power Rangers grew into an incredible television show that still generates throughout the houses of millions all over the world. Not to be shady, but for those who are my age, people will most remember the original Power Ranger cast whenever Power Rangers is mentioned. People have been questioning when will we all get a reunion and it just so happens it's been in the works. 

Unfortunately, the reunion has some undisclosed behind the scenes drama that can threaten the chances of us having a full Power Ranger reunion. One old cast member by the name of Karan Ashley who was the second Yellow Ranger (Iesha) went on air to talk about the reunion and how poorly producers are putting the reunion together. Ashley then talks of producers inviting and dis-inviting those because of the strict budgetary. 

It's a lot of unsettled drama, that needs to be pushed aside until after the reunion. Check out what Karan Ashley had to say about the shows reunion during her interview a few weeks ago.

Power Rangers Timeline Courtesy Of The Power Rangers Wordpress

Power Rangers Timeline Courtesy Of The Power Rangers Wordpress
Story Credit: Perez Hilton