May 21, 2013

Tasty Tuesday - Sunny's Fruity Limoncello Spritzer

Photo Courtesy of Food Network Online
Drink Looks So Good, Makes You Wanna SPIKE It! 

Only if you're 21 and older, then you can spike the drink. On to the story, I haven't done a Tasty Tuesday post in some months now and I know you all have been dying for them. Still going along with my health route for the summer, I'm all about drinking more and eating less [I didn't say STARVE though]. As the nice weather is rapidly creeping it's way into our lives we all need to walk around with a nice cold beverage. 

I stumbled upon my favorite go to website The Food Network Online and search a sexy and appealing drink that would get you in the mood for summer and feeling like a reality celebrity. Just be sure not to throw your class at the nearest patron by you. 

This Tasty Tuesday i'm bringing to you Food Network's own Sunny Anderson with 'Sunny's Fruity Limoncello Spritzer'. The fruity drink made it's debut Thanksgiving 2012, but from the looks of it, this drink can be recyclable from B.C. to A.D. OKAY?! Any who, here's the recipe to today's Tasty Tuesday drink! 

For Recipe Link & More of Sunny Anderson's Concoction:Click Here