May 20, 2013

The Hottest Young Couples !

Love & Hip-Hop [LITERALLY]

Betcha' didn't know these were the hottest young couples to reign the music industry. Well if you haven't heard or became envious, the cutest young women have been taken off the market and into the arms of the swagged out sexiest rappers in this industry today. 

I'm talking about Big Sean now dating Glee starlet Naya Rivera (who plays Santana) and rapper A$AP Rocky dating world renown supermodel Chanel Iman. If this was the time to become envious then the time is now! How lucky are the two couples? I mean what female wouldn't want to be around the arms of A$AP Rocky and Big Sean?! What guy wouldn't want the beauties Naya Rivera and Chanel Iman as their girlfriend?! I know one thing, the SEX MUST BE GOOD!!! 

What's so funny about the couples is that I wouldn't expect either one of them to have chosen their beaus as their partners. It's not even an awkward relationship neither. I really hope both couples do well in their relationships and may they become the new power it couples. 

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