June 4, 2013

Ariana Grande Covers Mariah Carey's "Emotions"


Okay, so while everyone's talking about new pop artist Ariana Grande's voice being similar to pop diva Mariah Carey on her debut single "The Way" feat. Mac Miller, I had to do research myself to see what the whole hype was about. With doing much research i've learned 3 things from Ariana Grande

1. Ariana was on Nickoledeon's 'Victorious' as a supporting character.
2. Ariana can do multiple music artist impressions.
3. Ariana is dating Mac Miller. 

No wonder why this girl is making her way to the charts, she has a hot single and the girl can SANG!!! I mean although she can hit Mariah Carey notes and sorta-sounds like her on her debut single, Ariana Grande doesn't have the soul of MC but i'm pretty sure this girl will be around for some years. 

Due to the immense severity of vocal resemblances to Mariah Carey, a while back before dropping her debut single "The Way", Ariana stepped in the studio to pen one of Mariah Carey's earlier classics "Emotions"; which is a pop tune with extremely high notes, I didn't think no other artist or person can execute the song as gracefully Mariah did the song until Ariana took her try. 

Listen To Ariana Grande Cover "Emotions":

Check Out The Video Of Ariana Grande Recording "Emotions" & Her Debut Video For "The Way" feat. Mac Miller