June 3, 2013

Kanye West 'Yeezus' Album Artwork

Welp, Here It Is Everyone ... Kanye West's up and coming new album artwork for 'Yeezus' confirmed by the man himself via his Twitter page.

 As you can see it's your typical blank cd and jacket retainer. Whatever the reason behind the creative minds to the Yeezy empire, we know Kanye West will not disappoint once he drops the new album which is scheduled to hit shelves June 18th

I guess we can scratch the other album cover his girlfriend/baby mother to be Kim Kardashian tweeted a while back: 

I don't know what that album cover was for, but I really didn't like it to be honest. Since a lot of artists are releasing deluxe editions, maybe this is the deluxe edition album artwork. 

Here's A Snippet Of A Track Titled "Bound" Off The New Album.