June 3, 2013

Trina Braxton Files For DIVORCE!

Trina Braxton Better Be DONE With Gabe This TIME!

I don't know how many times Trina Braxton has called it quits with her husband Gabe Solis, but this time it seems as if she's had enough! The one fifth Braxton sister has filed for divorce against her husband Gabe Solis, the reason ... "irretrievably broken". However, Gabe did put Trina through a lot of humiliation and embarrassment. 

According to TMZ, Trina Braxton (Braxton Family Values) filed divorce documents in the state of Georgia where she went on to say the marriage was "irretrievably broken". Trina and Gabe got married in August 2003 following a separation in March of 2012 and later that summer re-newed their wedding vows. The two are now living in different homes (separated). 

This is no new "NEWS" if you've been keeping up with the Braxton clan as Trina and Gabe openly discuss their rocky marriage once Trina found out via internet Gabe had cyber-cheater on her with a transexual. As for payback, Trina gave fallacio to one of her band members. Point.Blank.Period, Trina took Gabe back as she stated on season 2 of 'Braxton Family Values', It's hard to leave someone when you're in love and at the same time married to that person.

Poor Trina and Gabe, after watching Season 3 of the 'Braxton Family Values', it seemed as if the relationship was progressing to a positive state. Then Trina, files for divorce! All I can say is I wish the two the best in the future. Marriage isn't something to play with now adults! 

Meanwhile, Take A Peek At This Coming 'Braxton Family Values' Season 3 Finale Clip ... SOMEONE HAS AN ILLEGITIMATE CHILD!