July 23, 2013

Amanda Bynes Is Now Hospitalized For .... MENTAL QUESTIONING!

Photo Courtesy of Daily News
Amanda needs that plus more!

The once girl next door we used to love who is now in the headlines for erratic behavior and slander amongst her celebrity peers is now held under involuntary psychiatric watch after starting a fire in someone's driveway Monday night. 

The fire was started in Thousand Oaks, CA when the fire department arrived and asked Amanda why she started the fire, her answers determined she needed to be hospitalized for mental questioning. 

Bynes, is now under a 5150 hold and can only be held and questioned for a 72 hour period. Who knows what answers Amanda is giving psychiatric doctors right now, but I'm pretty sure the answers aren't sane, knowledgeable reasons. 

Amanda needs to clear up her act and image before she faces serious health and legal matters. What do you think about Amanda's on going embarrassing actions?