July 18, 2013

Does Justin Bieber Own A Snow Leopard ???

Photos Courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram
The only celebs with a crazy infatuation with exotic animals that I know of was Michael Jackson and Hugh Hefner but since when did Justin Bieber become infatuated with exotic animals?! Hmm... The baby snow leopard cub looks cute as a teddy bear but seriously does Justin Bieber own this exotic animal? 

Take A Look At What Justin Bieber Had To Say About The Cub...

Well, we're still not quite sure if he owns the leopard or not, but if he does ... he's made himself one helluva BAD ASS!!! Lately, the Biebs has been posting pictures on Instagram of him toned and shirtless with an urban swag. If you ask me, his latest look reminds me of BARBIE's boyfriend KEN dressed down as if he's attending a N.W.A concert! Well what the hell, we all love Justin Bieber's BAD ASS look! 

Take A Look At More Pics Of The Biebs After The Jump!

Photos Courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram