July 22, 2013

Drama Or Not So Drama? 'Basketball Wives Season 5'

Left To Right: Suzie Ketcham, Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman & Tasha Marbury


It's been nearly a year since we've seen the ladies of VH1 capture our eyes as they fist fight, throw bottles, file for divorce and threaten one another left and right on the hit show 'Basketball Wives'. Thousands all over the world witnessed the extreme magnitude of drama and petitioned the show be taken off air, as it was giving women and African-American's a bad name. 

 While VH1 pulled the plug on it's LA spinoff, creator and producer Shaunie O'Neal assures us there is indeed a fifth season heading our way soon. Late last year and earlier this year 'Basketball Wives' veterans Shaunie O'Neal, Evelyn Lozada and even Tami Roman stated in their individual interviews, this new season will focus less on the drama (insinutating there is no more drama at all) and more about the family and business well-being each cast member has going on in their lives.  

Well, what's a show without a little bit of drama? ... Exactly, NOTHING! VH1 on the other hand had something different to say about the new "no drama" season of 'Basketball Wives'. Taken from the synopsis of the fifth season, as you read you can expect some drama between the cast mates of course. Check out the synopsis from VH1 after the jump!
VH1 Writes
GOOD RIGHT?! I can't wait to tune into the new season and see what everyone has been up to. Is anyone familiar with Tasha Marbury? I haven't heard anything about her, I guess i'll have to do some research on the new wife. 

What Do You Think So Far? Is The Show Going To Give It's Daily Dose Of Drama?