July 22, 2013

H A P P Y ❤ 21st ❤ B I R T H D A Y ❤ Selena Gomez !

Hold Up ... 21?! 

Time goes by so fast in the entertainment industry. Today marks the 21st birthday of Disney starlet Selena Gomez. I can't believe the young woman turns 21 today, I feel she was just 16 when she started off playing Alex Russo on Disney's hit show 'Wizards of Waverly Place' just two years ago. Welp, I guess I'm getting old too fast. 

I'd like to wish Selena Gomez a Happy 21st Birthday and may God continue to successfully bless her with a blossoming career and life. It's great to see a tween star who hasn't hit rock bottom after being given the opportunity to become a child star at very such a young age. Such a beautiful GROWN ASS WOMAN now! Biebs better hold on to her TIGHTLY! 

I'm still shocked at how she's 21!!!