July 29, 2013

JAY Z's 'Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film' [Trailer]

"An Unprecedented Event..." - HBO

Check out the moving, inspirational and anticipating trailer to the second single off of Jay Z's platinum album 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' for "Picasso Baby". The next year and a half will be highly blessed and a success for rapper veteran Jay Z as he music  and businesses over shadow the entertainment industry as a whole. 

HBO and Jay Z teamed together to film an inspirational and beautiful art project that lasted over 6 hours and on August 2nd the world will get to see Jay Z interact with most prominent artists in an Art Gallery filled with tons of fans. Right after the film, Jay Z will appear on 'Real Time With Bill Maher' for an interview surround 'MCHG'. Jay Z is one of the greatest rappers to ever bless this planet and his body of work will always and forever be classics. 

Take A Look At The Trailer Below:

I'm Calling It Now ... Jay Z Is The Michael Jackson Of Rap!!!