July 18, 2013

New Video: Willow Smith " Summer Fling"

"It's just a couple months but we do it anyway, it's only for the summer but we do it anyway..." 

How cute is Willow Smith's new video for "Summer Fling"? I thought Willow Smith stopped being an artist after she stated to her parents she wanted to be normal and hang with friends. Does this mean no more "Whip My Hair"???!!! Well whatever her decision is, it's always a pleasure to see Willow on the music scene and be creative as she always is. 

"Summer Fling" reminds me of a young version of 'Grease', when Danny met Sandy. The two met during the summer, spent the summer together and then it was all over...until Rydell High School! Well in this song Willow doesn't talk about what happens after the "Summer Fling" ends but hopefully we'll have a follow up. 

We all have had our share of summer flings and we can recall the fun times we have had with that one special person. It can be a bittersweet time in someone's life until it's back to reality when the fall comes. This is definitely what Willow is singing about. I love her vibe in the video, she's giving me André 3000 tease. 

Anywho, check out the chilled summery song which features her older brother/rapper Jaden Smith (who is allegedly linked to dating younger Kardashian sister Kylie Jenner).