July 18, 2013


So #Twerking isn't new but ever since Miley Cyrus ditched her Hannah Montana image, chopped all her hair off and started #Twerking with rappers on stage and in the clubs, the #Twerking phenomena has become epidemic!!! I was browsing FaceBook last night when a friend Shared a #Twerking video that had gone viral in seconds. 

I don't know who the young lady is in the video but you can see her being filmed #Twerking each and ever ligament of her body especially her ASS [BUTTOCKS] as the music plays. This by far has to be the most craziest #Twerk videos I have ever laid my eyes on. I'm a big fan of #twerking too!!! 

I don't know how females know how to #twerk their bodies so well especially their ASSES! There really has to be an instructor somewhere in the world that can teach me how to #TWERK OKAY?! Just Kidding!!! 

Check Out The Baddest #Twerk Video On FaceBook Right Now!!!

& Then The Comments Read...

I Mean Who Cares About The Carpet, The Girl Can #TWERK For Dear Life!!!

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