July 23, 2013

Tasty Tuesday - Gina's Spinach Dip

Photo Courtesy of Food Network Online

For some reason i'm in love with sauces and dips. I usually dip my meals in some type of side sauce or dip every time I go out to restaurants or just at family cookouts. My dip addiction is Spinach Dip, I had it for the first time last year and ever since i've been hooked. It's something about how creamy and zesty it tastes. In fact, the only Spinach Dip i've ever tasted was from 'Friday's' and 'Chili's'. 

This week's Tasty Tuesday, I decided to bring on Food Network's own The Neely's with their homemade recipe of 'Gina's Spinach Dip'. It's good to go to a restaurant and order the finest Spinach Dip, but that's just too costly when you think about it. Why not buy the ingredients yourself and create the dish at home so you can have it whenever you feel for it. 

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If you have your own Spinach Dip recipe or have made it using this recipe please feel free to share your dish with me by sending me an email to LaTroy W with the subject "Spinach Dip"! 

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