July 29, 2013

The Mrs. Carter Video Diary

Photo Courtesy of Beyonce

The Anticipation Is Excruciating !!!! 

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour by Beyoncé is one of the top go to tours this year. Everything from the lighting, songs performed, dancing, costumes and surprises Beyoncé gives 100% on stage each night makes her all out sell out stadiums entertainer. When Beyoncé puts on a show, she puts on a SHOW!!! 

Everything may look easy once Beyoncé hits the stage to perform, but behind the scenes there's another form of life that makes this world tour very special and meaningful. King Bey, takes us behind the stage and on the road to give recognition to the hardworking people who as well contribute to The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour making it all possible and a dream come true. 

In the video diary, you will be introduced to some members of Beyoncé's all female band, dancers, backup singers, crew members,  world renown choreographer Frank Gatson as well as the millions of fans all over the world. You'll even get to see the birth of "Grown Woman" epic performance.