July 8, 2013

You Won't Believe Who Wrote Ariana Grande's Debut Single "The Way"...

Yeah the Nickolodeon starlet may have sat back and sang the hell out of her debut single which has now went Platinum status on the US sales, standing in number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. But, did you know the innocently Pop Love tune was written by another known entertainer who co-wrote the song for her boyfriend...

The co-writer had to say the following about the platinum status song; "It was definitely written about my love,...". Can you guess who the mystery co-writer is ???


Jordin indeed said the following about her boyfriend, pop singer Jason Derulo as she confessed to The Hollywood Reporter that the song was supposed to be recorded for an upcoming music project as her own but the Grande team heard the song and fell in love with it instantly. 

Jordin goes on to say Ariana did an amazing job and she also puts justice to the song performing it live. Sparks and Derulo have been together since 2011. I couldn't be any happier for them, the two seem like a beautiful pair gifted from the Vocal GODS Above!!! 

Listen To "The Way" By Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller, Co-Written By Jordin Sparks Inspired By Her Relationship.