August 8, 2013

Are We 'Crazy In Love' With The New Beyoncé Short Cut?

Last night Beyoncé sent Twitter and the whole world wide web in a frenzy as she debuted a new hairstyle. A hairstyle so different than anyone would expect from the multi-platinum diva who always uses fans as her number one prop on stage while she's performing her hits. Beyoncé is actually quite known for long blonde locks as it has become apart of her brand. 

The pixie cut made some fans happy while some fans were upset about the cut but nonetheless, this is Beyoncé we're talking about and she will do 'WHATEVER SHE WANTS' with or without approval of anyone. King Bey shared some photos via her Instagram of the new cut. Hopefully this new look is hinting a new album much sooner than we know it.

Your Honest Thoughts On Beyoncé's New Cut?