August 8, 2013

College Humor - The GPS Prank [Video]

I Wouldn't Put It Past A GPS...

As technology rapidly progresses, I wouldn't be shocked if GPS's started giving unsolicited advice and comments. I came across a video on YouTube by College Humor who filmed a short hilarious video titled 'The GPS Prank', which basically fools Taxi patrons into thinking the GPS is talking to them, watching their every move even down to what they are wearing. 

If you're not familiar with College Humor, then you should know the brand is a group of people mostly a college student body staff who create awareness and comical sketches as well as music videos for our entertaining eyes. College Humor has over 4 million subscribers and many of their videos have all passed the 1 million mark. Goes to show how interesting and creative their videos are.

Do You Trust Your GPS Or Taxi Now?