August 12, 2013

Coming Soon LongIslandFlash "Wussup Wussup"

Photo Cred: LongIslandFlash Instagram

He's Making A Comeback !!! 

Remember when in 2011 when I introduced you all to Long Island, New York native rapper Christopher Brutus who goes by the name LongIslandFlash? If you don't remember or never heard of him then I suggest you click here.

The rapper has jumped out the rapping scene to handle business which took a bit longer than expected. Making a big move from New York down to West Palm Beach, Florida can be a bit stressful as well as tedious. Back when Flash was on his grind, every Wednesday he would post a new freestyle/song he had written himself, whether it be rapping on an artist's track or an original song of his own. 

LongIslandFlash IS BACK! This coming Wednesday, the dope young rising rapper is releasing his new single "Wussup Wussup" as a part of his incomparable #FlashWednesday movement. Flash has assured me he has a new sound that will blow everyone away and this time he is here to stay! 

As a fan and follower of LongIslandFlash, I will premiere with you all the new single from Flash this coming Wednesday at 4:20 PM. Be sure to hit every social networking site with hashtag #FlashWednesday #WussupWussup !

Until Then, Check Out LongIslandFlash's "I'm On One" Music Video

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