August 14, 2013

#FlashWednesday LongIslandFlash "Wussup Wussup"

"Little Rihanna's All They See Is Dolla Signs, Hit These Hoes With A Curve That's A Comma Sign..."

AND HE'S BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!!! The moment we've all been waiting for is officially here! Check out the new track from Long Island native rapper LongIslandFlash with "Wussup Wussup". This song officially gets 5 out of 5 stars from me!!! 

"Wussup Wussup" produced by AzBeats is a set in stone new type of sound previous than what LongIslandFlash had been recording before. I guess this long awaited break was needed in order for him to be inspired to create a new sound and put out something different. 

Listen To "Wussup Wussup" Below: 

This is just the beginning to a new era of music by LongIslandFlash. Until the release of his EP coming 2014, he plans on releasing a new track on the 20th of each month. Who know's what other hot songs LongIslandFlash has up his sleeve, it may even be a hot collabo that brings West Palm Beach and Long Island together! 

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