August 6, 2013

K. Michelle Serenades To 'Love & Hip-Hop' Cast Members

Well We Now Know Why There Was Tension Between K. Michelle And MiMi...

If you weren't in the loop last night during VH1's premiere of 'Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta: Reunion Show' then you have missed a lot this whole part 1. The whole cast was there to discuss their situations and fights throughout their second season. Of course, the feud between MiMi and K. Michelle was slightly bought up and the room sensed tension between the two by the way of their body language and simply responses. 

Earlier that day before the reunion aired, VH1 invited K. Michelle to write songs about her cast mates and then perform them. Some of the songs were tasteful and some were displeasing to certain cast members. One strikingly hurtful and embarrassing to MiMi in which K. Michelle referred to her as a "FOOL". 

So far VH1 only posted three of the many serenade videos that's soon to come after part 2 of the reunion show. The videos were released today as a Web Exclusive and not aired on TV. I'd have to admit, K. Michelle is one talented entertainer vocally and lyrically; even if you she says something about you upsetting in a song, you can't help but laugh it off; it's your actions one is referencing on. 

Take A Look At The Serenading Performances Below: