August 8, 2013

Pre-Order Tamar Braxton's 'LOVE AND WAR'

The Official LP Artwork

Tamar Braxton's sophomore album 'LOVE AND WAR' isn't due to hit stores until September 3rd, but for those who have their coins in their pockets can now pre-order the album before its available to the world. You might not think the younger sister of Toni Braxton may be as big as Toni; well bet your bottom dollar Tamar just might be the top Braxton for the next couple of years.'LOVE AND WAR' has already gone number one on the R&B iTunes chart. 

LOVE AND WAR #1 On R&B iTunes Chart

With singles such as "Love And War" and "The One" who wouldn't want to pre-order the album right now?! Tamar assures us she's bringing real R&B back with heavy producers such as Harvey Mason Jr., LaShawn Daniels, TC and more this album is bound to bring R&B back and become the most anticipated album of the year. 

LOVE AND WAR Tracklisting