August 10, 2013

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour - My Experience [Video]

Hey Everyone!

Extremely sorry about the delay of uploading the video I promised of my experience at Beyoncé's 'The Mrs. Carter Show' world tour. Editing took forever and I didn't know the finalizing and uploading portions would nearly take almost half the day. It was a pretty gruesome process for my eyes and brain. I tried to be as creative as can be. I got the job done and it is now available to view. 

A little about the video before you watch it. I wanted to edit and create this video as entertaining as possible. The clips I actually recorded weren't very entertaining enough, so I thought I'd borrow video clips from YouTube and a YouTube user by the name of 'JBoogie157'. I created a YouTube DVD experience with chapters included. 

Editing Process

I wanted to showcase Beyoncé's momentum up until she started her tour. Before touring, there were a few promotions Beyoncé engaged in from the top of year (2013) until now (the tour). If you all don't remember Beyoncé performed at Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show and I started with that performance followed by the tour's first AD commercial leading up to the promotions of PEPSI and H&M. To really get your momentum going, I added the official 'The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour' trailer which begins my experience at the concert. 

I had such a great time editing this video as well as attending the concert. I plan on going back a second time to the tour this December 19th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. I hope you all enjoy this video and if you haven't purchased your ticket to see Beyoncé, I'd advise you to do so immediately. 

Check Out Pictures From The Day To The Show After The Jump!