February 19, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Spaghetti With Quick Turkey Chili

Photo Courtesy of Food Network Online

Eavesdropping on my mother's conversation yesterday as she mentioned cooking Spaghetti this week, my mouth watered. I wasn't going to choose something so heavy today, but I mean we can ditch our diets one day of the week...you know *CHEAT DAY* (words of a true fatty). 

I went searching online for some good Spaghetti recipes and came across something healthy that included real fresh vegetables and meat. Instead of giving a dish using beef, this Spaghetti can substitute the ground beef for ground turkey. To make things so much yummier, you can mix your ground turkey into a quick chili throw it over your noodles and you'll end up with the ultimate Spaghetti dish. 

Enough, of my babbling, I know this is one dish mixture you all would love to try (I know I can't wait to get in the kitchen with my mother and start adding these special tweaks). Without further adu, here's today's Tasty Tuesday meal and it comes from Food Network's Magazine's own 'Spaghetti With Quick Turkey Chili'. 

Motown: The Broadway Musical

Yay, Black History Coming To Broadway!!! 

Motown: The Musical, is a musical soon to hit the strip of Broadway that tells the story of Motown extraordinaire Barry Gordy and how he built Motown from the ground up. If you're not familiar with Motown, then you must rememeber all the musical acts behind the rhythm and blues recording label that brought us most of the best acts in the music industry such as The Surpemes, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Gladys Knight and the Pips and much more. 

Barry Gordy finally tells his side of the story as well as his relationship with Diana Ross. Motown: The Musical should be an interesting play to watch. The show doesn't start running until March which is less than a month away. Though I wasn't born when Motown was up and running, I can definitely say I enjoy the music that was made from the record company...real RnB/Soul music.

Will You Buy A Ticket ? 

Beautiful Covers: Vin Diesel "Stay" & Tamia "Locked Out Of Heaven"

Just when we thought Vin Diesel sounded so sexy by just saying one word, he draws us in with his singing, I mean it may be monotone, but hey what can you say, this man has a way of melodic words. Of course, Vin Diesel isn't trying his luck in venturing off with a music career, this is something he did allegedly for all the ladies on Valentine's Day. Check out Vin Diesel performing Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko's "Stay". 

Continue after the jump to check out RnB sensation Tamia cover Bruno Mars fan favorite "Locked Out Of Heaven".

Get Your 'Harlem Shake' On!!!

No, We're Not Talking About This HARLEM SHAKE! 

Every year there seems to be a new dance craze everyone's either into or doing. However, a music producer from Brooklyn, New York by the name of Baauer (23yrs old) uploaded a track he produced by the name of "Harlem Shake" last May and somehow some lucky person took the song and made a video to it. The person danced crazy as if he was just moving every ligament in his body and all of a sudden it went viral and now millions all over the world are uploading themselves doing their version of the "Harlem Shake". 

It's a pretty funny video, I thought it was going to be pointless, but I can't wait to do it with friends. Take a look at the crazed dance video everyone's doing below:

I mean how cute is this dance?! I feel like my BFF Britany and myself have been dancing like this to music since before this viral internet craze. Haha! 

R&B Diavs: LA Cast Revealed

Photo Courtesy of TVONE
With the success of season one's R&B Divas with Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson, Monifah, Nicci Gilbert and KeKe Wyatt it was only right they bring in a new set of R&B Divas to share their stories of their careers in the music industry. 

The official LA cast are Lil' Mo, Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Claudette Ortiz, Dawn Robinson and Michel'le Toussaint and just the cast alone looks like some drama will stir up between EGOS; this is one cast I would not want to be in the middle of. 

May I tell you each of these ladies has been through a tough struggle in the industry and in their personal lives, so it will be new and refreshing to hear the stories the ladies have to share. Hopefully, we'll get a full understanding of what really happened to 90s girl group EN VOGUE (Dawn Robinson) as well as RnB trio City High (Claudette Ortiz). I'm pretty sure Chante Moore has an interesting story because for some time in the 90s, you couldn't tell Chante Moore she was the up and coming Sade. Don't be so sad about the original R&B Divas, they are currently shooting their second season and added two more Divas to the roster (Angie Stone and LaTocha Scott). 

For More On The Ladies Please Visit TVONE.

Catch NeNe Leakes On 'The Price Is Right: Celebrity Week' Today!

Let's See How RICH Ms. NeNe Leakes Is This Week!!!

Long time game show The Price Is Right launches its Celebrity Week pulling in some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and why not start off by bringing in Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes who is now on the NBC comedy series The New Normal. However, we mostly remember NeNe from her argument with Real Housewife of Atlanta ex-castmate Sheree Whitfield when she stated HOW RICH SHE WAS CASHING TRUMP CHECKS...DONALD TRUMP!

Anywho, it will be entertaining how NeNe will act on today's episode of The Price Is Right: Celebrity Week. Make sure you all tune in today at 11am est. on CBS. I'm sure i'll DVR it and can't wait to crack up at all the NeNe Leakes faces and comments she makes. 

LAYS Presents: Do Us A FLavor

I remember last year my step-sister's mom was telling us that LAYS were looking for the next big flavor of chips to add to their collection and they were looking for the public to create a great tasting flavor that will be voted upon world wide. I didn't want any part to it only because at the time my mind was blank on what flavor chip I wanted in my life. I also really didn't think this competition would really fall through. I guess LAYS proved me wrong. 

LAYS just presented their three flavor finalists: Cheesy Garlic Bread, Chicken & Waffles, Sriracha and now they're leaving the vote in our hands to choose which one will be the new flavor of LAYS. All three flavors are out for sale as a test taster then based upon the flavor we like we can personally go to the FaceBook page and choose which flavor should win. This is funny because someone actually came up with the Chicken & Waffles flavor, a dish I never tried nor ever thought was a great combo; but in the south it's pretty popular. I think the winner of this competition will be Cheesy Garlic Bread, I mean hey, everyone loves cheese and garlic as a mixture. The Sriracha is a name I can't even pronounce so marketing wise, I feel this will fall short in the competition. 

I can't wait to see which flavor wins though! 
Who do you think will win & have you tried any of the flavors yet?

February 18, 2013

New Music: Mariah Carey "Almost Home"

Photo Courtesy of Mariah Carey's Soundcloud

Here it is, the leading single for Disney's upcoming movie 'Oz The Great And Powerful' in theaters March 8th. Mariah Carey was chosen to lead the soundtrack with the most beautiful song which she written herself. The song titled "Almost Home" reminds me of a modern and updated "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" but of course it would because the movie is based around 'The Wizard of Oz'. 

Mariah Carey sounds very stellar and spectacular on this track nothing we've ever heard from Mariah. Such an uplifting track and why not choose Mariah Carey to raise our hopes and dreams to the extreme. At first when the snippet was circling the internet, I didn't care for it, but it was until the full release of the song where I knew I had fallen in love. 

Take A Listen: 

Mariah Hit A Home Run With This Didn't She?! 

Purchase The Single On iTunes & Amazon Now!

Beyonce: Oprah's Next Chapter + Life Is But A Dream [Video]

Photo Courtesy of Beyonce.com
This past Saturday was one you would not have wanted to miss. It was BEYONCE SATURDAY as she sat down with Oprah for her Next Chapter interviews and then the following documentary Beyonce directed and produced herself. 

Beyonce gave great talk to Oprah as she discussed having to manage herself after parting ways with her father Matthew Knowles who has been her manager since she was able to sing and dance, her relationship with husband Jay-Z, their precious daughter Blue Ivy and most revealing her miscarriage. If you've missed Oprah's Next Chapter then don't worry, we have it here for you. 

Continue After The Jump To Watch The HBO Beyonce Documentary: Life Is But A Dream

World Premiere: Enfamous "Hope You Hurt" [Music Video]

Here's the debut video to Enfamous's new single "Hope You Hurt" off of his upcoming album My Revenge out in March. This video tells a remarkable love story that will have you on the edge of your seat. Everything about this video is so captivating and breathtaking; the visuals, lead ways and just the emotions of the song. "Hope You Hurt" is a song everyone who has ever been in a bad relationship can truly identify with. 

Hope You Enjoy! 
What Did You Think Of The Video?

Congratulations To Kevin and Makael of The Skorpion Show!

I would like to congratulate Kevin and Makael on their success! 

The two have just started filming their reality show teaser, Which I pray to God it becomes picked up and the world will have GOTTEN Their LIVES! These two have worked so hard for years now o get to where they are now. 

Both of them have amazing personalities everyone will LOVE! We all can relate to them and they too can relate to us; That's what makes them very loving people. They humble themselves and remind us that they have feelings just like most of us, go through situations just like us and inspire as we all do! 



LaTroy Watson (Forever & Always 'Skorpion Show' Fan)!

The Skorpion Show: New Orleans Trip, Life is But A Dream Screening, American Idol & More

The Skorpion Show: Mama Skorpion
The story behind the picture above is told in the video. Please watch the video for you will appreciate life and learn to LISTEN.  

And The OSCAR Goes To...'TLC Biopic' Cast?!

And there you have it the official TLC biopic cast who will play the iconic 90s girl group. From left to right we have KeKe Palmer (Chilli), Lil' Mama (Left-Eye) and Drew Sidora (T-Boz). 

I cold have sworn I watched an interview with Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins when she stated for the movie they wanted to cast all new fresh faces. If this is as fresh as they're getting, then I would like to know what's old to them. No Shade, but why did they cast these three women?! Not knocking anybody's movie deal hustle, but c'mon KeKe Palmer deserves to be upgraded from television movies, Lil' Mama (we all can't her fake personality on America's Best Dance Crew; what makes you think we'll take her FAKE PERSONALITY?!) and Drew Sidora (I wish I knew who she was, I'm familiar with her from the BLOGS). Any-who, production starts filming next month; are you interested?

Whew! Okay I have spoken now it's your turn to SOUND OFF!

Rihanna Debuts Clothing Line For 'River Island' At London's Fashion Week

Photo Courtesy of LazyGirls
Looks Like Rihanna's Putting Her Fashion Style To Use!

This past weekend, Rihanna debut clothing line for 'River Island' via livestream during London's Fashion Week. Unfortunately, I got the news three hours after the fashion show aired. But it was only an 8 minute PHRESH OFF THE RUNWAY affair, that was recorded and now available to view for those who also missed. 

I must say this 'River Island' line really is a reflection of the outfits Rihanna wears publicly and its her own style. Rihanna's style does give me an 80s retro tease but with 90s flavor added to the mix. Some pieces are bit LOUD but hey it wouldn't be Rihanna if things weren't pretty TITTY exciting. The models even walked to some hardcore music from Jay-Z, A$AP Rocky (who serves as special guest to Rihanna on her DIAMONDS WORLD TOUR this summer) and ended with Rihanna's "Phresh Off The Runway". 

What Do You Think Of Her Line? 
For More Information On Rihanna For River Island Please Click The Link Below


Spending Valentine's Day Single & In Wal-Mart [Pics + Video]

Who knew Valentine's Day could be spent so much better with best friends?! This past Valentine's Day was so much fun, my friend Britnie and I decided since we were both single on a lover's day to just have a Single's Date Night. We went to Kenilworth Diner (OUR ABSOLUTE FAV) and somehow ended up in Wal-Mart buying DVDs, taking pictures with random people and acting a crazy mess. We even acted as little big kids in the toy section hula-hooping. I mean how much fun could one have on Valentine's Day in Wal-Mart?!

Chris Brown "Home"

Chris Brown has released a new video titled "Home", which he humbles himself and looks back on how normal his life was before all the fame and troubles he's been through. This video couldn't have been released any sooner due to all the media frenzy Chris Brown has been in lately. "Home" reminds us of how incredible of an artist he really is and how he truly does touch the lives of many. Overall, the video showcases that he too is human and we all make mistakes. 

I congratulate Chris on this music video and song which I can now call a classic favorite of mine. I think we all and celebrities as well should stop to reflect how life is without our popularity and bring ourselves to a place where we felt vulnerable, comfortable and most happy. 

Married To Medicine [Reality Show]

Photo Courtesy of BRAVOtv.com
This Spring reality tv is taking us where we have never been before...well we have but there's no more Dr.90210. BRAVOtv is getting ready to welcome into our lives a reality show based on six women who are doctors and wives of doctors. Interesting right? Well the wives/doctors all live in Atlanta where we will watch them struggle as wives/doctors and friends as egos start to clash with each other. I mean what reality show isn't a show without some form of drama right? 

This should be interesting though, I can't wait to watch which of the ladies are successful doctors and which ones are housewives. I think I can tell by just their appearance, but i'm not one to judge so let's call it observing...take a look at the trailer below: 

Married To Medicine is set to premiere on BRAVO March 24th

Will You Be Medically Tuned In?

"Scream and Shout" REMIX [Video]

Photo/Gif Courtesy of Fierce Gifs TUMBLR. 
NO, Britney is not making it rain on any strippers!

With the huge success of Will.I.Am and Britney Spears's duet pop song "Scream and Shout", the two thought it would be a "FANTASTIC" idea to turn the song into a remix featuring some big name rappers/producers in the industry. 

Well, the video in my opinion is one SICK video on the other hand the remix just SUCKS as a whole. The artists/producers that made the official remix are Diddy, Hit Boy, Waka Flocka and Lil' Wayne. Yeah, pretty much it sounds like a tragedy waiting to become misery. So Cheesy!

I'm not a fan of the song, I prefer the original and let it be how it stands. I'm also a big FAN of Britney Spears and I feel as if she just didn't need the ratchery money and these rappers used her name as a coat tail to get more promotion for their music (STATING MY OPINON). 

But whatever it was stated by rapper EVE last week on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happen's Live on BRAVOtv that the vocals may not be BRITNEY's

Well Brit's reps cleared up the preposterous rumor and stated it indeed is her singing on the track. So, EVE I guess Britney does have something to say to you...

Anywho, check out the ratchery of Britney and em'...

February 13, 2013

Instagram of the Week: @PuppiesForAll


I mean who doesn't love PUPPIES?! I remember being followed on Instagram one day by this puppies account and after going through their photos of the most precious beautiful PUPPIES, I gave an instant follow back immediately. Which is why i'm making @PuppiesForAll Instagram of the Week! I have two dogs in my household, two of which who aren't PUPPIES anymore. I own a female Shih-Tzu and my little brother owns a male Dachshund, they both get a long when they feel like it. 

But there's nothing like having a new born PUPPY around in your home. PUPPIES are the most loving, caring and playful pets to ever want, as they grow up they become everything to you like how we all need oxygen to survive, that's what PUPPIES can do to one person. If you're someone interested in looking to follow other Instagram accounts besides your family, friends and celebrities, I suggest you follow @PuppiesForAll, hey aren't dogs a family's best companion?! 

Who Knows Maybe You'll Find Your Future Puppy !!!

Oprah's Next Chapter: Beyonce [Trailer & FIRST LOOK]

Photo Courtesy of That Grape Juice

New Music: Enfamous "Hope You Hurt"


The new single from ENFAMOUS is now available for a listen. "Hope You Hurt" marks the 1st single off of Enfamous's upcoming album My Revenge which will be available to download for FREE this February 19th and a video for the single is set to premiere on VEVO next Monday the 18th."Hope You Hurt" is a guy's perspective on going through a bad breakup and by the name of the album title, I guess we'll be hearing a lot of breakup songs but not in a sad moppy way ... in a REVENGEFUL WAY! I mean we all have that somebody that ... OKAY, JUST LISTEN TO THE TRACK!

What Did You Think Of The Song?

For More On Enfamous And Details On His Upcoming Album Stay Connected With Him Via: 
Twitter: @Enfamous
FaceBook: Enfamous
Instagram: @Enfamous

Brandy Gives A STELLAR Performance At 2013's BET Honors

Photo Courtesy of Zimbio
Check out the killer performance Brandy gave of her third single "Without You" off her latest album Two Eleven this past Monday night during BET's Honors 2013. Don't we just LOVE when Brandy performs especially when she SANGS a ballad? This performance gave me goosebumps at the end. Incredible. Beautiful. Graceful!

What Did You Think Of The Performance? 

New Music: Tiffany Evans '143' Mixtape

Everyone's favorite childhood star is back but this time doing music HER way! YES! The incomparable voice Miss Tiffany Evans returns to the music scene after having her daughter just last year and this time she's giving us some feel good RnB music. Her newest mixtape which was released yesterday '143' is a collection of love songs to set the mode for this coming Valentine's Day (tomorrow). 

'143' sounds way different than any of Tiffany's previous works under a major recording label, I guess because she was over doing the kiddie pre-teenie bop music and wanted to make some feel good music for the LADIES. Tiffany's voice sounds much more richer than it did before, I guess it's true what they say after a woman has her first child, life completely changes for her in all aspects. After hearing the mixtape you can definitely hear Tiffany has grown up to a beautiful young woman. 

If you love the old original Destiny's Child music then you will definintely love this mixtape, '143' has that sounds mixed with some old school RnB flavor. Tiffany has refused to go with the pop-techno route and is sticking to what works for that God gifting lovely voice of hers. A fan favorite "If You Love Me" a powerful ballad Tiffany released last year that showcased her vocals to the extreme appears on this mixtape as well as my favorites "Lois Lane", "143(I Love You)", "U Got A Woman", "Do Better" and "I Ride 4 U".


Download '143' Mixtape:

Fashion: Donna Degnan Collection

Designer Donna Degnan with dog LuLu
Hey everyone, just wanted to share with you guys an amazing designer I am now interning with in New York. I am not the PR (Public Relations) Intern at Donna Degnan. The name of her fashion line is Donna Degnan Collection which caters to woman. A short description of the Donna Degnan Collection states: 

"Donna Degnan Collection, which is manufactured in New York City (Save the Garment Center!) offers the modern woman beautifully designed fashion in quality fabrics for her ever changing lifestyle!"

I mean i'm not a woman and I want to wear pieces from her collection. I enjoy working as an intern so far, there's lots to learn of the fashion world as well as network and get well respected. Donna Degnan Collection can be seen around in over 800 stores world wide. Donna Degnan pieces also may have been seen in many of your favorite magazines, on your favorite TV anchors and much more. I call the collection MOD YET CHIC CLASSY. These are designs and outfits that makes you feel great, comfortable, stylish and even become your very own FIRST LADY in any age group. 

Just to tease you a bit, here are a few pieces from the collection. 
Wait Until You See The Fall 2013 Collection!!! (Which I Will Post As Soon As I Get The Pictures)

For More On Donna Degnan And Her Collections Please Stay Connected Via:

Continue After The Jump To View Previous Years Collections...

New Music: Pure 'Let Your Body Talk' (The Mixtape)

Yesterday New Jersey's overnight sensational artist PURE dropped his newest mixtape titled Let Your Body Talk. This mixtape features some of PURE's greatest club and radio hits such as the self titled "Let Your Body Talk" and "Touch It Bring It" as well as his newest single "Tootsie Roll" that's been getting played constantly on HOT97 by Jersey's best DJ Wallah and the Heavy Hitters

PURE surely has a voice on him, there isn't one song on this mixtape that you'll want to skip! PURE even collaborated with popular artists such as Jae Millz, VH1's Love and Hip Hop's Lore'l, Pusha T and more. This isn't just your ordinary club mixtape at all, this is legit something you can bump too anytime of the day. I truly believe if mixtapes can get Grammy's then this is one that needs a nomination!!! 

Download PURE's Let Your Body Talk (The Mixtape) For FREE!

If You're Interested In PURE And His Music You May Want To Download His Other Music!

Check Out The Video For "Tootsie Roll" Down Below!

Stay Connected To PURE Via The Following:
FaceBook:I AM PURE


February 12, 2013

Tasty Tuesday - Bryn's Boo-Boo Berry Smoothie

Photo Courtesy of Bethenny
I was scrolling on Bethenny Frankel's website and I just had to post this as this week's Tasty Tuesday. I mean for the past two week's i've been downing NAKED fruit smoothie juices non stop and this was def a sign for me to post. We all love a good smoothie especially different flavored ones. 

This week's Tasty Tuesday is a berry smoothie which reality TV and SkinnyGirl mogul Bethenny Frankel dubbed Bryn's (her daughter) favorite. The smoothie is filled with nothing but fresh fruit and makes a perfect snack in the afternoon when you need a sugar rush. I mean c'mon this so speaks me!!!! SUGAR!!!! RUSH!!! YUP, that's me. 

My Favorite 2013 Grammy Looks!

I hope you all enjoyed the Grammy's this past Sunday night, I know I did; well the incredible outfit choices the celebrities decided to wear was my favorite part. If you didn't know the Grammy's issued a "STRICT" dress code that prevented artists from wearing any outrageous and revealing dresses, garments and things of that nature. Shockingly, the celebs decided not to cross the lines with the Grammys and went elegant. 

Here are a few of my favorite looks from music's big night of the year:

The Skorpion Show: 2013 Grammy Awards Review (Justin Timberlake, Fun., Rihanna, Taylor Swift Performs)

This week we are only blessed with one video, but that doesn't stop us from liking, subscribing to and commenting The Skorpion Show and their videos past and present. This week Kevin talks The 55th Grammy Awards, remember everyone this is HIS OPINION so if you don't agree with anything he says please take in consideration he's telling his views how he watched the show. You are always entitled to share your opinion in the comments section as well. 

February 10, 2013

2013 55th Grammy Awards

Photo Courtesy of Laura Lieff
The Excitement Starts Tonight!!!

Tomorrow is the 55th Grammy Awards which will be a bittersweet moment for the music industry because around the same time last year we lost a very influential and gifted entertainer, Whitney Houston. There are rumors that the Grammy's is scheduled to have another Whitney Tribute performed by amazing artists who will take stage in celebrating the legacy and life of "THE VOICE". 

The Grammy's will be held at The Staples Center in Los Angeles LIVE February 10th at 8PM eastern on CBS. The arena will be filled with tons of celebrities, comedians, producers, singers, and heavy big names as they all unite to celebrate the best of the best in music. The performances will be a star studded event of those who will take the stage as well as presenters. Performers who are scheduled to rip the stage are: 

  • Travis Barker, Chuck D, LL Cool J, Tom Morello, and DJ Z-Trip
  • Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert
  • The Black Keys
  • Zac Brown, T Bone Burnett (as musical director), Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard, Elton John, Mumford & Sons, and Mavis Staples, who will pay tribute to the late Levon Helm of the Band
  • Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea and Kenny Garrett in tribute to Dave Brubeck
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Dr. John and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band with the Black Keys
  • Fun.
  • Elton John with Ed Sheeran, performing together live for the first time
  • Juanes
  • Alicia Keys and Maroon 5
  • The Lumineers
  • Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and Sting
  • Miguel and Wiz Khalifa
  • Mumford & Sons
  • Frank Ocean
  • Rihanna
  • Taylor Swift
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Jack White

The lineup seems like no other award show will top it this year in 2013. I'm looking forward to Justin Timberlake and Rihanna's performances. Rihanna has a special surprise for her performance and it looks like she'll be performing alongside the Marley's.
What's even more exciting about this years Grammy's are the nominees, looks like the Grammy's have been listening to the people's opinions and have decided to nominate REAL ARTISTS and their work. Check out some of the artists that are up for a Grammy, maybe more than one. 


Okay so if you watched a few weeks ago episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you know where i'm getting at with this. 1993 Ms.USA Kenya Moore def is showing her ASS this season from stating how FABULOUS she is and how people mistake her for BEYONCE (0_o) RIGHT!

But who would have known that our KING BEY would even take notice in such reality TV shows? Clearly she's watching while we all are watching at the same time. After Beyonce's SuperBowl Halftime Show, she and fellow members of Destiny's Child Kelly and Michelle, were spotted leaving the stadium being quickly being asked by an interviewer how they felt after their performance and well, Beyonce had the following to say...


COMING SOON: Enfamous "Hope You Hurt"


New Jersey's own Enfamous just released the cover art for his new  single "Hope You Hurt" which he will be releasing this coming Monday at 7PM! "Hope You Hurt" is the lead single of his long anticipated album My Revenge which will be available for download for FREE February 19th. Judging by the title of the new single and album I can only say this is about to be some HAUTE SHIT!!!!

For More On Enfamous And Details On His Upcoming Album Stay Connected With Him Via: 
Twitter: @Enfamous
FaceBook: Enfamous
Instagram: @Enfamous

February 9, 2013

Tamar Braxton's Full Showcase [Video]

Well remember last December during the last two episodes of Tamar and Vince, 'SHE'(Tamar Braxton that is) was gearing up for her showcase performance, but only aired her new hit #1 single "Love and War" and pop dance tune "Hot Sugar" performances? Well somehow the full showcase has linked on YouTube and i'm here to share it with you. 

In this full showcase, Tamar performs new tracks off her long awaited sophomore album such as "Watching Me" a nice melodic mid-tempo RnB tune, her rumored second single "All I Need Is You" a soon to be spring/summer anthem which features a sample of Biggie Smalls's "Juicy", the incredible ballad "Love and War" and ends the showcase with a #Tamartian favorite "Hot Sugar". Tamar sounds ICONICALLY beautiful on all of the songs and you can DEF tell she and husbanger Vince Herbert have taken their time in creating a sound that is all TAMAR!

Tamar Braxton's sophomore album is slated for a release date this coming spring, so make sure you are all on the watch for all new incredible RnB music. Meanwhile, you can watch the full showcase after the jump! 

February 8, 2013

Throwback Friday - New Kids On The Block "Step By Step"

Photo Courtesy of New Kids On The Block Official Website
Today's Throwback Friday video goes out to one of the baddest boy bands from back in the day and still holds the reign as the hottest most divine and talented boy group EVER!!! 

New Kids On The Block with one of my favorite hits "Step By Step". 

Just When You Thought You Couldn't Get Enough...

My 24th Birthday Extravaganza [Video]

Short Film: Angel and Demon

My First Major Short Film I've Been Asked To Be Apart Of!

The Movie Was Filmed By French Students And It Mostly Casts French Students. It's About A Shy, Clumsy, Young Man Who He  Hopes He Gets The Girl Of His Dreams, But Through The Help Of His Friends Angel (Good Guy) and Demon (Bad Guy) Advice Things Go From Bad To Worse. It's Up To The Guy To Choose Which Side He'll Listen To In Befriending The Popular Girl In His Class. 

So Who Does He Choose? You'll Just Have To Watch!

EVERYDAY LIES - Episode 1: "Where's The Money?"

Has Toni Braxton's Love For Music Come To An End?

It's sad to hear when one of your musical influences is quitting music.

It's true everybody, Toni Braxton is pulling the plug on music; she's saying her hearts not into anymore. Today Toni Braxton sat with Wendy Williams and talked everything from her Lupus illness,  two sons, Braxton Family Values season 3, new LifeTime movie airing tomorrow night titled Twist of Faith, pulling the plug on music and DATING

Take A Look

Toni Braxton is a six time Grammy award winning multi-platnium recording megastar of all time, do you think she should pull the plug on her singing career?