March 19, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Easter Deviled Eggs

Photo Courtesy of Real Mom Kitchen
Just In Time For Easter ...

I can't believe how fast 2013 is flying by us, I mean it's already Easter soon. Well, I love this time of the year because that means nice warm weather will be approaching as well as we get to become festive for the Spring Time. 

I wanted to choose a light colorful and festive meal that will liven up our spirits on Easter Day. Thanks to Real Mom Kitchen for posting the colorful Easter Deviled Eggs. I am a BIG FAN of Deviled Eggs and instead of painting the outside of a hardboiled egg, why not dye the egg's soft part?! 

I remember being a kid and loving to dye hardboiled eggs, create silly faces and then afterwards eat them. I hope I can relive this childhood fun-time with my nephews when they come over. Hopefully, we'll try this new idea of eating colored eggs this year. 

Has Anyone Done This Before?! 
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Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience In Stores Now!!!

I purchased my copy digitally, though I will still buy my hardcopy soon...

Today, Justin Timberlake releases his third solo album titled 'The 20/20 Experience' which features the hit single "Suit & Tie" feat. Jay-Z. A week before the album's release it was available on iTunes to stream, which I refused to listen to because of the already awarding raves it was receiving on Twitter

I just knew I wasn't going to be disappointed once I purchased it. Though, there is one song I love already besides "Suit & Tie" and that is "Let The Groove Get In" which he recently performed fantastically on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Purchase 'The 20/20 Experience' On iTunes Now!

L&L: Lavan Lamar Clothing Apparel

It's Great To See People Are Choosing To Become More Artistic Than Being A Local Rapper...

Since last year I've been paying a close eye on two gentleman who were in the process of creating and starting their own clothing line. The clothing line titled 'L&L' (Lavan Lamar) features high-end street-wear that anyone male or female can rock. The two gentleman hail from Westfield, New Jersey and when I say their designs are DOPE & SICK, I mean it! The clothing specializes in shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for a reasonable affordable price. 

L&L has already been getting rave reviews to where as they have been featured on blogs and can be seen worn by celebrities, most famously the pop superstar JoJo. I don't think it will be long until L&L will appear on fashion runways or on more famous celebrities. To make things even better, I will have the chance to interview the two on the clothing line so, stay tuned next week for that. 

I love that the L&L line is so simple yet stands out. The letters L with the & symbol just makes it high-end. They've also dapped in mixing their shirts with tie-dye designs. This is definitely something I can see myself in, because I'm a sucker for simple, comfortable yet making a STATEMENT. I mean my name's LaTroy so why not rock L&L gear. By looking at the pics of models wearing the designs, I can honestly assure you, there is no wrong way to wear L&L. You'll see as well after the jump!

Meanwhile check out some of their pieces for L&L and if you are in LOVE like I am, then you can go on ahead and purchase your Lavan Lamar shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies at their online store.  Be sure to also look out for the exclusive Spring 2013 Collection coming soon. 

Interested Already? 
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Jenifer Lewis and Shangela: Episodes 1-4

Hollywood & Reality TV Under The Same Roof?!...

The ICONIC Jenifer Lewis (What's Love Got To Do With It, The Preacher's Wife, Sister ACT 1 & 2, Think Like A Man, Nora's Hair Salon, Jackie's Back, Corrina, Corrina, Girl 6 ...oooh chile' the list goes on DAHLING!) has teamed up with LOGO's own Shangela Wadley (RuPaul's Drag Race)born as D.J. Pierce; The two DIVAS have teamed up to create the best funniest YouTube WebSeries on this planet. 

The scripted series 'Jenifer Lewis and Shangela' tells the story about thee ICONIC Legendary actress Jenifer Lewis taking in Shangela, becoming his mentor as he tries to pitch his own reality tv series as well as Jenifer trying to remain relevant in the spotlight, but througout the episodes she seems to be overshadowed by Shangela's new found fame since appearing on RuPaul's Drag Race

So far there are only four episodes and Jenifer isn't continuing the series until she hits 1 MILLION VIEWS!!! I mean if the fans are dedicated enough they will get the series to 1 MILLION VIEWS! I hope 'Jenifer and Shangela' reach 1 MILLION VIEWS, I deeply love the show because it's just so RAW, UNCUT and HYSTERICAL! Everything in the show is OFF LIMITS! Thankfully there are two versions of each episode titled 'Rated R' and 'Censored'. 

I have high hopes for the series and we'll get more episodes by the time summer hits! You can get up to speed by watching the first four episodes via Jenifer and Shangela's YouTube page by Clicking Here

The Skorpion Show: Interviews Roc Nation Artist Bridget Kelly

Bridget Kelly Won A Grammy For Writing "Einstien" On Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger' Album (MY FAV SONG!!!) Didn't Even Know She Wrote It...

If you're like me and only heard of Bridget Kelly from blogs/radio then you'll only know she's signed with ROC NATION (Jay-Z's Record Label). After watching The Skorpion Show interview Bridget Kelly, I now have a great sense of who Bridget Kelly is as a performer, artist and person. Even though she has yet to put out a debut album, the newcomer is already an established successful artist. Don't believe me? Take a look:

What Did You Think Of The Interview? 

Reagan Gomez Presents: Almost Home, Ep. 1 'Finding Home'

I Told You I Was Addicted To YouTube WebSeries...

Here's a new scripted WebSeries that you'll also enjoy. Where can I start? Hmm...Well, do you remember the hit 90s African-American Family Comedy 'The Parent 'Hood' featuring Robert Townsend, Faizon Love, Suzanne Douglas and Reagan Gomez who played the beautiful Zaria Peterson? If you do then you'd want to know Zaria (Reagan Gomez) has grown up as a married woman with two loving children. 

In this Youtube WebSeries created by Reagan herself titled 'Almost Home', Reagan creates a story based on two brother/sister siblings Lisa and DeJuan as they move to California to start their new lives after the death of their mother. There for a fresh start Lisa (Gomez)and her younger brother DeJuan befriend a local Cali girl Becca (Denyce Lawton) who then seeks to help Lisa find a job.

The first few episodes of 'Almost Home' is entirely funded by Reagan herself but she needs the help from US to help finish funding her project so that she can hopefully create and write more episodes to come. This isn't an easy job, especially with Reagan being a mother and wife, she fully can't use all her coins for this project! The series is well worth it and if her goal of $25,000 is reached we will get more episodes which will see familiar faces of whom will make on screen cameos such as; Wesley JonathanJackie Long, Denyce Lawton and of course Reagan herself.

For More On Reagan Gomez's 'Almost Home' WebSeries And To Become Apart Of The Fund Raising Please Click Here

Reagan Hints She's BIG ON TWITTER, So Don't Forget To Tweet Her @ReaganGomez And Tell Her What You Think Of Her New WebSeries!

Rihanna '777 Tour' Documentary

You Got It!?...

I don't know if you remember, but last year as Rihanna went on a '777 Tour', where Rihanna took along 256 fans and journalists as she traveled across the world to perform on this '777 Tour'. Well now, we all get to witness what when down. 

NO, this documentary will not be like Beyoncé's recent HBO Documentary 'Life Is But A Dream', but it will show Rihanna behind the scenes rather than in the media and on stage. We actually get the behind the scenes Rihanna. I hope she shows footage of her smoking her weed and cussing up a storm (which I LOVE). I hope Chris Brown makes an appearance too! The '777 Tour' Documentary will air May 6th on FOX

Will You Be Watching?

Keyshia Cole Receives #BeyHive Backlash...

*Prays* Please GOD Don't Let The #BeyHive Start Throwing Beyoncé CDs At Keyshia Cole...

So if you weren't on Twitter or the blogosphere yesterday, then you had miss the total backlash Keyshia Cole received from the #BeyHive (Beyoncé fans). Keyshia Cole has been in the media waves as becoming a bit vocal about certain artists such as her too vocally rude opinion on former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams last month during and right after she performed alongside Kelly and Beyoncé for the Super Bowl Halftime Performance. Fans have already been coming for Keyshia's throat and they came HARD!!! 

This time around Keyshia is back again getting attacked all over the world when she had something to say about Beyoncé's newest track "Bow Down/ I Been On": 

Along with that tweet came the following:

Keyshia has got to be mad at somebody though?! Maybe it's her struggling career, look I don't know. What I do know is, I don't think Keyshia has learned her lesson the first time around when she got on Michelle William's case. But as always Keyshia Cole is a firecracker and will not shut down for ANYBODY! After a few Meme attacks from fans, I highly suggest Keyshia Cole STOP NOW! the #BeyHive fans are crucial and territorial when it comes to their #KINGBEY. The fans sent Keyshia Cole the following messages: 

New Music: Will.I.Am feat. Justin Bieber "#thatPOWER"

Photo Courtesy of iTunes
Gearing up for the release of his new fourth album entitled #WILLPOWER following the smash first single with pop princess Britney Spears "Scream & Shout" as well as the remix which features heavy hitters Diddy, Lil' Wayne, Waka Flocka and Hit Boy; Will.I.Am's follow up second single is a tracked penned with Justin Bieber titled "#thatPOWER". 

#WILLPOWER is scheduled for a release this April the 23rd to be exact. The album features big names such as; Britney Spears, Eva Simons, Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown, The Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber and more. You already know this album will be the party anthem album for the Spring leading to Summer. 

If You're Feeling The Single Purchase It On iTunes:
Download "#thatPower" Now

Everyday Lies: Ep. 2 - 6

Remember back in early February when I introduced you all to a new half improv/scripted webisode series by Steve Royall titled 'Everyday Lies'? Well, I didn't even know there has been SIX episodes so far. I really have been straying away from the internet since this school semester got so heavy. 

Here to catch you up I'm posting episodes 2-6 so that we all can get a good laugh during our lunch breaks or leisure time. Must I remind you, this show is hysterically funny. YouTube is the place to go when you have a creative idea for a show or short film. YouTube is like the new COMCAST for people. I find myself watching YouTube videos much more than I watch my own television. 

March 18, 2013

New Music: Beyonce "Bow Down / I Been On"

Photo Courtesy of Beyoncé Tumblr

Hottest Celebrity Fashionable Moms To Be!

These Celeb's Make Maternal Wear Fashion PHRESH OUT THE RUNWAY...

Already mom Jessica Simpson and mothers to be Tamar Braxton and Kim Kardashian have been spotted out and about looking as if maternal pregnancy is as easy as 1-2-3!!! Well for them it is because they have the coins, but I've never seen maternal fashion so HAUTE in my life!!! And to add these starlets are wearing 6 inch heels. 

I guess after Beyoncé's fashionable pregnancy the maternal fashion has evolved and got totally TURNED UP!!! Whoever is dressing these moms to be, I'm loving it. The three gorgeous women all look beautiful as they boast their new glowing looks. I can't believe how effortless they make their ensembles look, I mean it's tough when pregnant because you have to adjust to weight gain and what fits comfortably on your body. 


Check Out My Favorite Maternal Looks These HAUTE Maternal Women Were Sporting! 

Angela Simmons Debuts All New Website + Clothing Line

That Simmons Reign Just Won't Let Down...

Since being out of the reality tv scene fashion entrepreunuer and daughter of the great Rev Run, Angela Simmons has been cooking up a lot of projects and she is now sharing her tastes with the world. Late last month Angela debuted her all new website which she has been working hard on for months to make it an interactive feel fans can get to know Angela on a personal level inside and out. 

Angela I Am, is Angela's personal site which brings us into her mind and thoughts on the latest Fashion, Music, Fitness, Beauty and even including a Diary entry (for registered users to read) which Angela shares personal notes and feelings on whatever it is she's going through at the moment. It's nice to see celebrities create websites that makes their audience feel relatable to them. 

Along with debuting a new website, it's no secret Angela Simmons has been working to get her own clothing line aside from the joint fashion/sneaker collection shared with her sister Vanessa titled Pastry. Angela Simmons creates a line that represents fashion on a whole other level through the eyes and mind of Angela Simmons; something refreshing and new to the scene, especially for those young girls transitioning from girl to a woman. 

Check Out Angela's All New[I AM]Website
After The Jump Watch The Promo Video For Angela Simmons New Clothing Line, Angela

Coming Soon: ASK LATROY

I Am Not A Licensed Therapist But...

I love giving others advice and helping them with any problem they have. I am an open ear to the public, especially if they need advice or suggestions on ANYTHING. I have seen and experienced a lot in my past 24 years of living. Especially with Family, Friends, Relationships, Sex, Fashion, Insecurities, Foods and etc. 

I will soon start answering some of your questions that you may want answered or advice needed. You can Tweet Me or Email Me your story/question and I will do my best to answer you in a mannerly fashion. You can be chosen to remain ANONYMOUS, we are all adults so all topics are no holds barred!!!

I can't wait to share my thoughts, opinions and advice to you all on situations you are faced with and hopefully me helping you will bring you to some type of ease. I love being an open ear and discussing as well as sharing experiences we are all unsure of. 

Fashion Decoded: Meagan Good & Rocsi Diaz

What Is Fashion Like For Two Of Hottest Women In Hollywood? 

With new projects the two have been working on lately; Meagan Good now starring as Joanna Lacasto on NBC's new primetime series Deception and former 106 and Park host Rocsi Diaz as she scores a rocketing position as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, the two now find themselves in the spotlight much more frequently than before. 

Whether it's promoting a show or interviewing the hottest celebrities and public figures all over Hollywood, the world is watching what they are wearing. In association with Global Grind, Tide Pods presents an inside look on the fashion likes of Meagan Good and Rocsi Diaz. In the upcoming videos, they will talk about evolving their style as well as maintaining a look most comfortable for them. 

Right around for the Spring Time, the girls talk their favorite looks and colors to blossom in when spring approaches. Take a look at the videos after the jump. 

Lil' Wayne Hospitalized in Critical Condition [UPDATE 3.18.13]

Photo Courtesy of StereoGum
Some drugs aren't meant to continue dealing with...

Over the past week rapper Lil' Wayne was rushed to the hospital due to chronic seizures which left him in critically condition. Lil' Wayne has been suffering from seizures since last year due to his frequent drug use of weed, syrup and other substances. TMZ has reported Lil' Wayne was placed in coma but he is on breathing tubes and late Saturday night he tweeted the following: 

Lil' Wayne is still in the hospital at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, where friends and family emerge to see how the 30yr old is holding up. Millions all around the world are praying for a fast and speedy recovery. We hope when Weezy gets out of the hospital he takes care of his body and wealth, due to the fact that he has a lot of kids to raise and care for. 

UPDATE (3.18.13)

New Video: Iggy Azalea "Work"

IGGY AZALEA is sure nuff' letting us get that WORK...

Grand Hustle's princess debut single for "Work" will be available for download in the US March 19th. 
Will You Be Buying Your Copy?! I Know I Will!!! 

Enfamous's EP Release Party [Pics]

Though I wish I filmed and took more photos...

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to Enfamous's EP release party for his long awaited first EP 'My Revenge' which turned out to be very successful. The ep was available to download for FREE! And with numbers shown, the downloads reach high in the thousands. Enfamous along with his band, producer and amazing background singers took the stage to put on a stellar performance I will remember for the rest of my life! 

Enfamous performed the lead single "Hope You Hurt" off 'My Revenge' and that performance touched people in the audience so much some were tearing, as they could relate to each and every lyric and verse Enfamous poured his heart out as he sang so melodically and effortless. I'm really proud and happy at the artist Enfamous has made himself to become. What I really love about Enfamous is that he sits down and writes his own music, arranges the melodies as well as visualizes his performances and puts it all together. 

If there is one unsigned artist who you are to look out for in 2013, I would have to say Enfamous. He is taking New Jersey by storm and the lyrics he writes down with his pen and pad are soon going to earn him a Grammy Award. Here are some photos I have taken, you can view them after the jump.

If You Haven't Already Downloaded Your Copy Of Enfamous'My Revenge' Please Click Here To Download It!

Catch Up Report!!! [NSFW]

I apologize for my absence of and work has got my hands tied behind my back!!!

While I was away a plethora of exciting entertainment news has happened and I am here to catch YOU up on everything you might have missed as well. I'm calling this the 'CATCH UP REPORT', here and there you'll see me post this. I may even do videos of the segment to make things much more interesting. We'll start by calling each story an EXHIBIT ex: EXHIBIT 1, 2, 3 and so on. 

Shall We Begin?

Assigned Sex - Ep. 3: The Lonely "T" in LGBT [Video]

Before watching episode 3 take a minute to ask yourself this, "How do you view Transgenders from people who are Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual? ". After answering your own question watch the video below and see if your answer matches the discussion in episode 3 or if you are much more knowledgable of those who are Transgender. 

Missed Episodes 1 & 2 Continue After The Jump To Catch Up!

Tiffany Evans: Take 1 - Ep. 1

With the release of her incredible mixtape titled '143' last month, Tiffany Evans is now creating webisodes which gives us an inside glimpse into her new life as a wife, mother and entertainer. We all know Tiffany Evans as the young striving artist who circuited the world with her God amazing heavenly voice who then shared her talents on the big screen alongside Tyler Perry and even scoring a record deal and soon to be managed by Matthew Knowles shortly parting ways to know becoming a woman and doing it all again on her terms. 

Watch as Tiffany introduces us to who she is, where she see's herself in the future musically and how being a wife and mother changed her as a young woman as well as a behind the scenes look of her recording her latest EP '143'. The new web-series is entitled 'Take 1' and so far she has released episode one. Throughout the coming weeks we should be able to see more episodes and hear more new music from the young powerful beauty.

March 5, 2013

Download: Enfamous 'My Revenge' EP

'My Revenge' EP Photo Art Courtesy of Enfamous

New Jersey's rising singer/dancer/songwriter Enfamous has finally released his first EP titled My Revenge. It's been a long time since we all have waited for Enfamou's debut EP since he put out his first single "Point & Grill" back in 2010. Within those tree years, Enfamous teased us with singles to keep us on our toes of what to expect on his EP. Shall I add the three year wait was WORTH IT! 

Back and ready to take the music industry by storm, Enfamous's hardwork and dedication shows throughout this EP. The lead single "Forget To Love Me" introduced us to the complete new sound Enfamous is introducing us to as he evolves into the artist he's always dreamt of. The fan favorite follow up second single "Hope You Hurt" showed how talented Enfamous is as a vocalist and songwriter. 

My Revenge, is an EP for all those who have been hurt in some way  shape or form in a relationship; it can even be with an ex-friend. The 10 track EP serves as an all round EP you have to play from beginning to end; NO SKIPPING NECESSARY. The whole EP is one A-FUCKING-MAZING EP that sounds like a full production LP. Tracks include "Hope You Hurt", "Regret", "Battle", "Freak My Body" and the phenomenal "Hope You Hurt (Reprised) feat. Farrah Roshay A-Natural" who both share an EPIC vocal performance of the song together as a duet as well as other songs you will LOVE

Be Sure To Download 'My Revenge' & Use Hashtag #MyRevenge Once You Download The EP To Share With Your Friends, Followers, Instagramers & Etc. 

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

Keep Up To Date With Enfamous Via The Following;
Twitter: @Enfamous
YouTube:Enfamous VEVO

March 1, 2013

Donna Degnan: Cotton's 24HOUR RUNWAY SHOW!!!

Happy WEEKEND Everyone! 

Great exciting news! Donna Degnan is going to appear in Cotton's 24HOUR Runway Show! Yes! You can catch designs and outfits from the Donna Degnan Collection walking down the runway Saturday, March 2 at 6PM (EST). 

Cotton is running a 24HOUR Fashion Show, that will stream LIVE for the whole world to see starting tonight until March 2nd. You can check out some of your favorite designers such as GuessAnthropologyNicole Miller, Mariciano, PacSun, Quicksilver, Belk, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Lilly Pulitzer, Breese, Vintage Havana, Forever 21, Noble Experiment, G By Giuliana, Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle Outfitters, French Connection, including Donna Degnan and more 1,040 looks that will be walking down the runway. 

I mean with that lineup, who would want to miss this LIVESTREAM! Of course with hosts throughout the show such as E!'s Fashion Police Giuliana Rancic, reality tv starlet/designer/author Lauren Conrad, Michael Yo, The Apprentice winner Bill Rancic, Louise Ro and Camilla Belle

Special Promotions are going on while you watch the runway show as well. Don't forget to check out DONNA DEGNAN tomorrow night at 6PM as the designs walk the 23rd hour!