May 21, 2013

Tasty Tuesday - Sunny's Fruity Limoncello Spritzer

Photo Courtesy of Food Network Online
Drink Looks So Good, Makes You Wanna SPIKE It! 

Only if you're 21 and older, then you can spike the drink. On to the story, I haven't done a Tasty Tuesday post in some months now and I know you all have been dying for them. Still going along with my health route for the summer, I'm all about drinking more and eating less [I didn't say STARVE though]. As the nice weather is rapidly creeping it's way into our lives we all need to walk around with a nice cold beverage. 

I stumbled upon my favorite go to website The Food Network Online and search a sexy and appealing drink that would get you in the mood for summer and feeling like a reality celebrity. Just be sure not to throw your class at the nearest patron by you. 

This Tasty Tuesday i'm bringing to you Food Network's own Sunny Anderson with 'Sunny's Fruity Limoncello Spritzer'. The fruity drink made it's debut Thanksgiving 2012, but from the looks of it, this drink can be recyclable from B.C. to A.D. OKAY?! Any who, here's the recipe to today's Tasty Tuesday drink! 

New Music: Beyoncé "Grown Woman"

Photo Courtesy of NecoleBITCHIE

Looks as if Beyoncé's "Grown Woman" hit the net in it's full studio entirety. Since the song made its full length debut late last month during #KINGBey's 'The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour' fans have uploaded the live version of the song and been playing it everywhere. 

Beyoncé gets very vocal and upfront about her being a Grown Woman in the song stating she can do whatever she wants when she chooses. I don't blame Bey in anyway, she's made her made a household name for herself in her 15years in the music industry!

Anyway, the funky African uptempo dance song is one that is very different from her previous dance records. Though the song sounds like a mix between "End of Time" and "Start Over". I am L U V I N  this song, Beyoncé better get it this summer! 

Listen To The Full Official Track After The Jump...

Where Has Paris Hilton Been?!

Photo Courtesy of Paris Hilton's Instagram
 Paris Is Sitting Back Racking Up Coins Hunny!!!

When it comes to billion dollar funds, there's one person who surely knows how to flaunt her money and that's Hilton Hotel Heiress, Paris Hilton. Back in the early 2000's we've seen her in magazines and tabloids as the notorious hollywood party girl running into trouble with the law and such. 

Well years later after her successful reality show with bff Nicole Richie, on and off engagements, million dollar perfume line, accessories and magazine covers oh to mention she recorded an album; the Heiress has been out of the spotlight for some years. 

Our favorite messy talk show host Wendy Williams caught up with Paris earlier this month to discuss what Paris has been up to and you won't believe what business venture she's now dipping and dabbing in. If you don't know, she's dating a guy who is 11yrs younger than her. We can't help but L O V E Paris Hilton

Photo Courtesy of Paris Hilton's Instagram
"Getting ready to take off to Cannes with@RealRiverViiperi. ✈ #Barbie&Ken 😉❤💋" - Paris Hilton Instagram

That's what Paris had as the caption to the picture above with her hot young boyfriend River Viiperi. Watch the interview after the jump!

New Music: K. Michelle "V.S.O.P"

K. Michelle Knows She Can SANG!!!

Listen to the first official single from VH1's own 'Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta' fan favorite K. Michelle with "V.S.O.P." off of her long awaited debut album 'Rebellious Soul' out this summer July 30th. 

Be Sure To Purchase The Single On iTunes Now! 

Power 1051: Bridget Kelly 'Interview' [Video]

 The 'Special Delivery' Songstress Talks DIRTY...

 ROC NATION singer and songwriter Bridget Kelly sat down with Power 1051's Breakfast Morning Club's (DJ Envy, Charlamagne the God and Angela Yee) as she talked sex with ex-boyfriends, stealing music in the industry, her prolonged debut, taking over Alicia Keys's part in "Empire State of Mind" as well as her new single "Street Dreamin'" feat. Kendrick Lamar. If you don't know who Bridget Kelly is, YOU OUGHT TO GET FAMILIAR ! This talented young beauty will be the voice of the radio! 

Watch The Entertaining Video! 

New Music: The Dream Feat. Kelly Rowland "Where Have You Been" + Performance [Video]

RnB Is Fastly Making It's Way Back On Top! 

If there couldn't have been a much greater collaboration between two artists then you just can't top the RnB sounds of The Dream and Kelly Rowland. The two together are making some hits if you ask me. What's even greater about the two is that Kelly Rowland will be touring with The Dream this summer. 

Kelly teams up with The Dream for a song off of his upcoming album 'IV PLAY' (May 28th) in which their magic continues after The Dream worked with Kelly on her recent tell all song "Dirty Laundry". I'm really loving the song and I'm going to take a big guess people don't want to dance in the club anymore. 

If Kelly Rowland's fourth album includes production from both Rico Love and The Dream, I'm pretty sure she will be on top this summer! Kelly Rowland's 'Talk A Good Game' is slated to release on June 17th. 

Will you be coping the album as well as The Dreams? 

Continue After The Jump To Watch The Two Perform The Song On 'The Tonight Show

Power Rangers Reunion Becoming An Epic Failure

Slightly Original Power Ranger Cast (Replacements: Yellow, Blue, Red)
Will We Ever Get An Appropriate Power Rangers Reunion?!

If you're my age, then you most remember the kid loving television show that featured martial art colorful crime stoppers who dubbed themselves as The Might Morphin Power Rangers. Oh' this was back in the 90s (I'm not telling my age!). The Power Rangers were a group of High School students who fought off the crime in the streets of Angel Grove City. 

For years different installments of The Power Rangers grew into an incredible television show that still generates throughout the houses of millions all over the world. Not to be shady, but for those who are my age, people will most remember the original Power Ranger cast whenever Power Rangers is mentioned. People have been questioning when will we all get a reunion and it just so happens it's been in the works. 

Unfortunately, the reunion has some undisclosed behind the scenes drama that can threaten the chances of us having a full Power Ranger reunion. One old cast member by the name of Karan Ashley who was the second Yellow Ranger (Iesha) went on air to talk about the reunion and how poorly producers are putting the reunion together. Ashley then talks of producers inviting and dis-inviting those because of the strict budgetary. 

It's a lot of unsettled drama, that needs to be pushed aside until after the reunion. Check out what Karan Ashley had to say about the shows reunion during her interview a few weeks ago.

May 20, 2013

Blue Ivy Is Sitting!

How Cute Is Blue Ivy Sitting In Her Own Backstage Chair During Her Mommy's Show Across Seas?! 

2013 Billboard Music Awards - BEST PERFORMANCES !

The Billboard Music Awards were last night and well a lot of lip syncing accrued, there were some memorable moments throughout the show. Some that include Justin Bieber's rant on his recent behavior, Madonna bearing all to see, Nicki Minaj's explicit lap dance to Lil' Wayne to Miguel hardcore landing on an audience goers body. Yeah, the show was just that memorable!!! 

I enjoyed the show even though Rihanna and Beyoncé weren't there. A lot of great performances as well as presenters; I'm really feeling Miley Cyrus's new look. Here are the best performances that I feel were the best throughout the whole night!

ABC News Exclusive: Beyoncé's Rumored Pregnancy, Role In The Movie 'Epic', Blue Ivy & More [Video]

Beyoncé sat down with ABC News for an exclusive interview in which she talked about getting back into shape after having her now one year old daughter Blue Ivy, her role in the upcoming animated movie 'Epic', memorable moments in shooting the PEPSI commercial and more. 

Though rumors are sparking Beyoncé may be pregnant with her second child all while canceling one of her shows; something she says she has never done in her entire 15 years in the music industry. Well, late last week Beyoncé posted a Textgram on Instagram then deleted it, addressing the rumors and calling those who spread them "Low Lifes". No one in Beyoncé's camp has neither denied or confirmed the rumors, so we'll just have to keep our eye on our favorite entertainer! 

Here's The Interview: 

Kanye West Performs "New Slaves" + Unveils New Album "Yeezus" Art

Kanye West 'Yeezus' Album Art

This past weekend Kanye West teased us all over the world with a video projector show of him performing his new single "New Slaves" off of his up and coming album titled 'Yeezus' which has been confirmed by his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, the album will be released June 18th. 

This past Saturday Kanye West appeared on the season finale of SNL (Saturday Night Live) where he joked with celebrity guest Ben Afleck and even performed the song. Kanye West's "New Slaves" can come across a bit controversial, but as always Kanye West is always speaking his mind. Kanye's music and life will forever be a conversation piece. Check out the performance of "New Slaves" below: 

What Are Your Thoughts On The New Material From Kanye West? 

New Music: Kelly Rowland "Dirty Laundry"

Listen To The New Talked About Song From Kelly Rowland, As She Tells Us About Her Being Envious Of Beyoncé & Her Abusive Relationship. 

Khloe Kardashian Has A Message For The 'WORD BULLIES'!

Khloe Puts The True Meaning In 'My Sister's Keeper'! 

With all the negative backlash Kim Kardashian has been getting during her time of pregnancy, Khloe's buttons have been pushed way too far. Khloe decided to write a publicly letter to the public and her dearest beautiful pregnant sister Kim, to discuss her concerns on the hateful negative aura critics have been saying about Kim's not so easy pregnancy. 

Kim Decided To Share Khloe's Message.


Danity Kane Reunion!!!

Our Hearts Are No Longer DAMAGED [LITERALLY]!

If there couldn't have been even more great news, this news is one to make us cry like the guy below:

Well Not Really But You Get The Picture ! 
Don't Believe Me? Here's Proof!

Only question I have is...Where The Hell Is D.Woods?! Well, here's what the fifth member had to say about the reunion...

Janet Jackson Back In The Studio?!

Photo Courtesy of Billboard
Is Anybody Ready For Another Janet Jackson Album?!

Last week Janet Jackson celebrated the 20th Anniversary of her fifth album 'Janet' (which happens to be my favorite album of hers) on the 18th. Along with the celebration Janet Jackson sat down with Billboard for an exclusive interview in which she covered the overall essence and direction of the album 'Janet' and even shared as much information as to her being back in the studio to release another project.

I love Janet Jackson as an overall performer and can't wait to hear the sound of this new album; if it's anything like 'Janet' mixed with 's' then I will def be at the next tour. For now, I don't want Janet to rush anything, I hope she takes her time to keep creating timeless classics. 

For The Billboard Exclusive Interview Please Continue After The Jump...

New Music: Sincere Feat. Levy "$trippers"

Stripping Club Music Is Def My Favorite This 2013 Year !!!

Here's a friend of mine, he goes by the name of Sincere, he's a young man who has helped his part in serving the country in the army. First and foremost, we must thank him for that!!! I couldn't have done that myself, especially during our economic time and War on Terrorism

Sincere, is stepping away from serving the country to focus on his music career. Starting off as a newbie to the game, for some years Sincere has been in and out the studio producing and laying down vocals to tracks trying to find his sound. With the popular crave of club/dance music, the NJ Native has found his calling. 

Sincere's is debuting his new song "$trippers" feat. Levy, which gets you #turnedup in just a matter of seconds. We all love our TURN UP music before and after we hit the club; for most the STRIP CLUBS! "$trippers" is the perfect song to get hyped and even dance to. Sincere has picked the right time to debut his music career; SUMMER TIME!!! 

Listen To The New Track Below!

What Did You Think Of The Hit?! This Is Definitely One Of My Favorite Summer #TurnUp Bangers! 

Be Sure To Follow Sincere Via The Following: 
Facebook: DreamTeamMG
Twitter: @MustBeSincere
Instagram: MustBeSincere
YouTube: MustBeSincere

Beyoncé - "Grown Woman" Paris Live Performance

Photo Courtesy of Rap-Up
Okay, Okay So What I'm Late So What! 

Towards the end of last month while on the European leg of her tour, Beyoncé decided to perform her PEPSI commercial smash song "Grown Woman" in its entirety. With millions asking whether we'll receive a new Beyoncé album and the three songs that hit the new from #KingBey herself were never confirmed if they are official or not from her long awaited 5th album; Her newest tour 'The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour' doesn't include any new songs to perform on the set list. 

Well, it just so happens Beyoncé decided to surprise fans during her week long every night show in Paris and perform the song "Grown Woman" with her dancers and colorful LED screen. The song differs from the PEPSI commercial snippet, with Beyoncé's all female band, the beat is more caribbean/african influenced. 

Out of all the three songs that are of Beyoncé's this year, I'd have to admit this song is my favorite. Beyoncé did justice as she performed the song and slayed the choreography for it. If you haven't saw or heard "Grown Woman" in its full entirety then take a look below:

Kris Jenner's Daytime Talk Show 'Kris' [Set]

As If The Kardashians Needed More Airtime!

The Matriarch and Mom of the Kardashian Dolls Kris Jenner, has scored her a daytime talk show with FOX! I don't know what the show's theme is going to be like, but it'll most probably be like your regular daytime talk show just with a host who is ridiculously RICH in life, coins, marriage, children and in television. 

KRIS is set to air this summer, July 15th, but wait until you check out the set. I have never seen a set look like the inside of a million dollar home in my entire 24yrs of living! Kris Jenner sure enough knows how to put on a SHOW [LITERALLY]. I love my Kardashian girls, so you know i'll be tuned. I just think this show will be anything like Bethenny Frankel and Ricki Lake's daytime talk shows. 

Blahh, Who Knows? Just Get Into The Set Dahling! 

Will You Be Watching? 

Movie Trailer: Baggage Claim

Check out the trailer to David E. Talbert's all star studded cast that tells the story about a stewardess who has 30 days to make a fiancé out of her ex boyfriends before her younger sisters wedding. 'Baggage Claim' hits theaters this fall. 

'The Beyonce Medley! #BeyHive @TheKingOfWeird'


If you're an avid Beyoncè fanatic as I am, then you frequently visit her website Beyoncè almost everyday. As I was on her website this past weekend, in her News feed I peeped a recognition post she created showcasing the talents of young YouTuber by the name of Cameron J (RandomStructureTV). 

Beyoncè, shoutted out the young man as he creatively created a mashup of almost all of Beyoncè's singles. What makes it more amazing is that he sang them acapella. YouTube has so many amazing artists and this guy should be signed ASAP! The way he created the video as well as produced his vocals is just amazing! 

Check Out The Video That Was Featured, Seen & Blessed By Beyoncè (Herself). 

The Best Man 2: Holiday [Movie Trailer]


The 1999 comical, fun, loving film 'The Best Man', which features Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Sanaa Lathan, Monica Calhoun, Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, Melissa De Sousa, Regina Hall and Taye Diggs all reprise their iconic rolls as they catch us up on their lives since the wedding of Lance and Mia (Chestnut & Calhoun). The crew is back and better than before and there are a few surprises in store for us. 

Take A Look At The Trailer:

Britney Spears "Ooh La La" Demo

The POP PRINCESS Britney Spears has been in the studio lately cooking up a few tracks. The most recent one is a track penned for the upcoming Smurfs sequel. The track "Ooh La La" has leaked on the internet and Britney took to her Twitter account to announce the following: 

Well While We Wait For The OFFICIAL Track, Listen To The Demo...

New Music: Chris Brown Feat. Aaliyah "They Don't Know" [Snippet]

Where  The Hell Are Drake & Chris Brown 
Getting All Of These Aaliyah Vocals From?! 

Is it just me or are you asking yourself the same question?! Well, this past weekend floating all over entertainment cyber space there has been a leaked song (don't know if it's official or not) with the combining voices of the late great Aaliyah and Chris Brown. The two lend their voices on Chris Brown's newest song "The Don't Know". The song was first introduced as Chris Brown was spotted shooting a video for the song: 

Drake Spotted On Set Filming 'Anchorman 2'

Photo Courtesy of Associated Press
Who knew Jimmy would ever go back to acting?! 

Yup! That's YMCMB's own Drake sitting as he awaits his turn to shoot his scenes for the upcoming sequel of the hysterical 'Anchorman' movie starring Will Ferrell. The sequel titled 'Anchorman: The Legend Continues' is slated to hit theaters December 20th. 

Talk about started from the bottom now we're here! Drake must have went deep into the Jackson 5 era for this fro! He could be the prodigy of Wolverine (X-Men) and Florida Evans (Good Times) if the two intertwined and created a love child. 

Do you think Drake still has his acting chops down pack?! There's only one way to find out and that's by going to the movies to watch! Once the trailer drops, I'll be sure to share it with you all. Meanwhile, check out more pictures of Drake on set sporting his new fro do'.

The Hottest Young Couples !

Love & Hip-Hop [LITERALLY]

Betcha' didn't know these were the hottest young couples to reign the music industry. Well if you haven't heard or became envious, the cutest young women have been taken off the market and into the arms of the swagged out sexiest rappers in this industry today. 

I'm talking about Big Sean now dating Glee starlet Naya Rivera (who plays Santana) and rapper A$AP Rocky dating world renown supermodel Chanel Iman. If this was the time to become envious then the time is now! How lucky are the two couples? I mean what female wouldn't want to be around the arms of A$AP Rocky and Big Sean?! What guy wouldn't want the beauties Naya Rivera and Chanel Iman as their girlfriend?! I know one thing, the SEX MUST BE GOOD!!! 

What's so funny about the couples is that I wouldn't expect either one of them to have chosen their beaus as their partners. It's not even an awkward relationship neither. I really hope both couples do well in their relationships and may they become the new power it couples. 

Check Out More Photos Of The Couples...

American Idol New Judges? ...

Hmm, Dear Randy Jackson...PLEASE STAY!!!
Now that the 12th season of American Idol is over the question lies who will be the returning judges for its 13th season. We already know American Idol veteran since season 1 Randy Jackson has resigned from the show after he made his decision to step down as a judge just last month. There have been rumors hitting the net that Nicki Minaj has decided to step down from the judges panel which leaves newbies Keith Urban and Mariah Carey

This season by far had the most diverse panel of judges, I've ever witnessed on a season of American Idol. Though in the beginning there was heavy tension between divas Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, the two of them are what brought the high ratings during the audition rounds. The bicker and feud just wasn't enough to keep viewers interested as the ratings dropped drastically, deeming the total as the lowest rating in American Idol history! 

May 17, 2013

The Great Gatsby: Back To Black

Loving this song by Beyoncé and André 3000 off of the new movie 'The Great Gatsby'. It's a remake of the Amy Winehouse original. Have you heard it? Do you all like it?

May 16, 2013

@TheRealDJSHY: RnB Mix Part 1 [Download]

Photo Courtesy of DJ Shy Soundcloud

Our favorite #CollegeClubKing DJ SHY is back with an all new RnB Mixtape via (SoundCloud), which includes a mash up of all the greatest RnB songs to ever bless the radio waves from way back in the day up until now. If you're not familiar with DJ SHY, then you def need to register in your mind, he is one of the dopest and talented DJs hailing from New Jersey. is very fond of his mixtapes and mixes, especially the RnB ones! If you're ever in New Jersey find out where DJ SHY will be dj'ing at and see im live in person spinning and rocking the crowd! DJ SHY is MUSIC and DJ'ing is SHY! 


FaceBook: The Real DJ Shy
Twitter: @TheRealDJShy
Instagram: TheRealDJShy

L&L : The Interview

The Long Awaited Interview Is Finally Here !!! 

Remember back in March when a created a post about the rise of an up and coming fashion designer Lavan Lamar who creates "L&L"; an affordable urban-upscaled clothing line that provides the most dopest Tees, Sweatshirts and Hoodies. Some designs are original while others give off a distressed look. If you didn't catch the post about L&L then I highly suggest you click here

I reached out to the head designer who is Lavan out of L&L (Lavan Lamar) and asked if it was alright if I could interview him. He responded to me humbly and it was a GO! Sadly due to our crazy schedules and chaotic timing we both couldn't be able to meet each other and film it, but I did send in some questions you readers might want to know as well as myself and he answered each and every one. 

The Interview...