June 4, 2013

Tasty Tuesday - Lemond Pudding Cake with Fresh Mixed Berries

It's Okay To Indulge In A Small Piece Of Cake This Summer !!! 

Okay, so now that summer is here and hopefully we are all still on our diet and workout regimes for the summer. I mean for those who have been hard working on their bodies, it's okay to treat yourself for a day or two. I'm so much of a sweets person and I love love LOVE cake; especially lemon. 

I came stumbling upon Food Network online and I was eyeing this delicious sweetening delight for the longest my eyes have ever seen a cake in it's entire motioning life. This 'Lemon Pudding Cake with Fresh Mixed Berries' premiered on the Food Network channel in 2008 on the show 'Tyler's Ultimate'. 

I'm giving everyone who have been working hard for the past 6 months to take a breather and indulge in a piece of cake. Don't over do yourself now! You can't resist this tasty delight even if you wanted to. Go on and create this desert dish and let me know how tastefully delicious it is! 

Recipe After The Jump!

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Here's What I'm Playing Over & Over. 

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Sophia Grace "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun" Official Music Video

Music Is For ALL Generations, Right?!

If KIDZ BOP had a leader, I'm pretty sure it would be overnight singing sensation Sophia Grace. Sophia's 15 minutes of fame has taken her to the heavens and beyond. If you're not familiar with Sophia Grace and her partner Rosie, then let me catch you up to speed; Sophia Grace is an 8 yr. old British singer notable for her cover of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" that went viral all over YouTube

Ariana Grande Covers Mariah Carey's "Emotions"


Okay, so while everyone's talking about new pop artist Ariana Grande's voice being similar to pop diva Mariah Carey on her debut single "The Way" feat. Mac Miller, I had to do research myself to see what the whole hype was about. With doing much research i've learned 3 things from Ariana Grande

1. Ariana was on Nickoledeon's 'Victorious' as a supporting character.
2. Ariana can do multiple music artist impressions.
3. Ariana is dating Mac Miller. 

No wonder why this girl is making her way to the charts, she has a hot single and the girl can SANG!!! I mean although she can hit Mariah Carey notes and sorta-sounds like her on her debut single, Ariana Grande doesn't have the soul of MC but i'm pretty sure this girl will be around for some years. 

Due to the immense severity of vocal resemblances to Mariah Carey, a while back before dropping her debut single "The Way", Ariana stepped in the studio to pen one of Mariah Carey's earlier classics "Emotions"; which is a pop tune with extremely high notes, I didn't think no other artist or person can execute the song as gracefully Mariah did the song until Ariana took her try. 

Listen To Ariana Grande Cover "Emotions":

Check Out The Video Of Ariana Grande Recording "Emotions" & Her Debut Video For "The Way" feat. Mac Miller

Boyce Avenue Feat. Fifth Harmony "Mirrors" Cover

Danity Kane WATCH OUT! 

Looks as if Simon Cowell's has just filled the void for an all American girl group since the departure of Bad Boy's Danity Kane.  The five harmonizers in which Simon Cowell signed after being the top 3 finalist on The X-Factor are now overnight sensations as well as becoming known for their amazing covers on YouTube

This time boy band Boyce Avenue teams up with Fifth Harmony as they lend their voices to cover Justin Timberlake's most recent and popular mid-tempo ballad "Mirrors". All of them collectively sound line Angels from the Heavens above! It's a tie between who actually done the song justice! Just listen and you'll hear! 

If You Like The Song, It Is Now Available For Purchase 
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Take A Look At The Video After The Jump! 

New Music: The HitList "Consequences"

RnB is really making it's comeback bigger and better than ever!!!! Check out the new song from Producer/Songwriting duo The HitList as they pen a smooth upbeat RnB track titled "Consequences". It's great to see groups forming together and taking on the industry, I'm really tired of hearing one man/woman voices, I need to hear a collective group of people. 

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Are Jaden Smith & Kylie Jenner DATING?!

Keeping Up With The Smiths & Kardashians, Would You Watch?! 
 Seems as if Kris Jenner's daughters really have a thing for black guys wouldn't you say? I wonder what's in that gene pool that makes her girls (Kim, Khloe & Kylie) go jungle fever?! Well whatever it is, the girls can't stop bringing home the brown boys!

The latest couple alert is Kardashian's baby sister Kylie Jenner (15) who seems to be running around a lot with Will and Jada Smith's son Jaden (14). The two live in the same town, have the same friends and go to the same events so maybe or maybe not they are indeed dating. Just last week, Kylie spent a whole week hanging with her friends and Jaden Smith as he geared up for the premiere of his new movie co-starring his dad Will in 'After Earth'. 

Kylie and Jaden were spotted walking the streets of NYC numerous times and Kylie even showed up to the premiere dressed as what it seems an 18 yr. old would wear to the club. That is neither here or there. Jaden Smith chopped it up with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest' to discuss the movie and relationship with Kylie.

What Do You Think Jaden Had To Say About His Relationship To The Kardashian Lil' Sis?

New Music: J. Cole Feat. TLC "Crooked Smile"

This Really Sounds Like A 90s Hip-Hop Track! 
Roc Nation artist J. Cole has released his second single "Crooked Smile" feat. TLC off of his sophomore album 'Born Sinner' out June 18th. This is the follow up single from the radio spinner first single "Power Trip" which features Miguel

On the track, J. Cole raps about his success and how it's not changing his flaws such as messed up teeth, unibrow and other things the public gets on J. Cole about. Having TLC on the track couldn't have been a better fit; this song could be the male version of TLC's hit 1999 song "Unpretty". 

I respect J. Cole and his music, he's not just like any other rapper out here in the game. I'm someone who grew up listening to the Rap genre of the 90s and I love stories mixed with melodic tunes...this is what J. Cole gives. 

Check out the new single below:

June 3, 2013

SPOTTED: Beyoncé & Jay-Z at Summer Jam

Hip Hop & RnB's Royalty Couple! 

Beyoncé and Jay-Z were seen spotted in New Jersey yesterday as they attended last night's HOT 97's Summer Jam 20th Anniversary concert. Neither one of them performed, but it was a shocker seeing the two show up after a long date night. 

Beyoncé rumors strike again as she neither addresses or denies her pregnancy rumors. Previous photos of Beyoncé downing some wine across seas can put rumors to rest though. 

Chime For Change: Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Ellie Goulding, Florence + The Machine + More [Performances]


Over in London this past weekend, millions of women from all over the world took part in one of the biggest women empowerment events ever! Gucci founded together an awareness concert 'Chime For Change' which spreads awareness of women's rights and equality. 

Tons of female performers took stage to become apart of this epic grand movement and of course Beyoncé headlined the concert. Performances included Mary J. Blige, Florence + The Machine, Iggy Azalea, Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora and more. 

I got the pleasure of watching the live stream before the show actually was televised last night on CBS. I think this was such a beautiful and wonderful cause of awareness GUCCI put together. Even though I am a male, I do believe in women empowerment and they too just like men deserve to be equally justified and treated as human beings. I think women are much stronger than men anyway. 

Take A Look At Some Of The Performances, Including Beyoncé's set. 

Kim Kardashian IS HAVING A GIRL!!!

Blue Ivy Will Join A Girl Group With KimYe's Daughter!!! 

Okay, I don't know if that will ever happen but (let's pray on it)! So on last night's season 8 premiere of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', Kim revealed the sex of her and Kanye's baby ... YES A GIRL!!! KimYe are having a baby girl! *screams* !!! 

I bet Jay-Z is happy he now doesn't have to worry about a little boy trying to bag his daughter. Maybe Blue Ivy and KimYe's daughter will become the best of friends, ahh who knows?! I'm excited for the proud parents to be. Kim had been having a tough pregnancy in the beginning but now she admits her pains have gone away and she's enjoying the maternity life. 

KimYe is expected to arrive this JULY! STAY TUNED...!!! 


Any Baby Names?!

Music Video: Tamar Braxton "The One"

Are Overalls In This Season?! I SAY YES!!! 

SHE DID IT AGAIN!!! Tamar Braxton has executed with another beautiful music video for her follow up video to her #1 hit with last years "Love And War". The video for Tamar's second single off of her awaited sophomore album 'Love and War' "The One" shows a beautiful glowing Tamar as she prances around a carnival with her love interest. 

The video is so giving me Mariah Carey "Fantasy" mixed with Jessica Simpson's "I Think I'm In Love With You" clash tease (In An AWESOME Way). I can't help but love how happy Tamar looks in the video and how pregnant she is in the video, she still can get down. The video directed by Gil Green shows how beautiful a woman  pregnant can be and still have fun. 

Tamar Braxton is definitely the one to bring RnB back this summer! Check out the video after the jump! 

Trina Braxton Files For DIVORCE!

Trina Braxton Better Be DONE With Gabe This TIME!

I don't know how many times Trina Braxton has called it quits with her husband Gabe Solis, but this time it seems as if she's had enough! The one fifth Braxton sister has filed for divorce against her husband Gabe Solis, the reason ... "irretrievably broken". However, Gabe did put Trina through a lot of humiliation and embarrassment. 

According to TMZ, Trina Braxton (Braxton Family Values) filed divorce documents in the state of Georgia where she went on to say the marriage was "irretrievably broken". Trina and Gabe got married in August 2003 following a separation in March of 2012 and later that summer re-newed their wedding vows. The two are now living in different homes (separated). 

This is no new "NEWS" if you've been keeping up with the Braxton clan as Trina and Gabe openly discuss their rocky marriage once Trina found out via internet Gabe had cyber-cheater on her with a transexual. As for payback, Trina gave fallacio to one of her band members. Point.Blank.Period, Trina took Gabe back as she stated on season 2 of 'Braxton Family Values', It's hard to leave someone when you're in love and at the same time married to that person.

Poor Trina and Gabe, after watching Season 3 of the 'Braxton Family Values', it seemed as if the relationship was progressing to a positive state. Then Trina, files for divorce! All I can say is I wish the two the best in the future. Marriage isn't something to play with now adults! 

Meanwhile, Take A Peek At This Coming 'Braxton Family Values' Season 3 Finale Clip ... SOMEONE HAS AN ILLEGITIMATE CHILD!

Roomie Lover Friends - Season 2 Episodes 1-3

What Is It Like To Have A Roommate Who's In A Relationship But Also Your Sex Partner?!

This is exactly what this new YouTube series is about. 'Roomie Lover Friends' executive produced by 'Awkward Black Girl''s own Issa Rae brings us a new African-American YouTube scripted series written and created by Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier based on two roommates who share an intimate sexual passion with each other. 

Now, I've started watching the show since season one aired (Last Year), but if you're just now hearing about the show then before you start watching Season 2, you ought' to catch up on season one so you get a feel of the characters and why they are getting caught up in some scandalous mess. 

For those who are hip to 'Roomie Lover Friends' and haven't caught up on Season 2, below watch episode one then continue after the jump to watch episode two and then a sneak peek at episode three which will air June 8th. To start from Season 1, please Click Here.

New Music: Wale Feat. Rihanna "Bad" REMIX

Wale & Rihanna Pose Together at NYC's 'Greenhouse'

Last week Wale hit up Sway's radio show 'Sway In The Morning' as he dropped a short snippet of his new single "Bad" which originally features a singer by the name of Tiara Thomas

To switch up the flow on the song, Wale dropped a feature that included the vocals of world renown pop star Rihanna. Although, the snippet is short, Rihanna does add a smooth Hip-Hop RnB element to the opposite element Tiara Thomas adds. 

Listen Below:

Kanye West 'Yeezus' Album Artwork

Welp, Here It Is Everyone ... Kanye West's up and coming new album artwork for 'Yeezus' confirmed by the man himself via his Twitter page.

 As you can see it's your typical blank cd and jacket retainer. Whatever the reason behind the creative minds to the Yeezy empire, we know Kanye West will not disappoint once he drops the new album which is scheduled to hit shelves June 18th

I guess we can scratch the other album cover his girlfriend/baby mother to be Kim Kardashian tweeted a while back: 

I don't know what that album cover was for, but I really didn't like it to be honest. Since a lot of artists are releasing deluxe editions, maybe this is the deluxe edition album artwork. 

Here's A Snippet Of A Track Titled "Bound" Off The New Album.

New Music: Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop"

Photo Courtesy of Miley Cyrus FaceBook
 Today Miley Cyrus releases her new single "We Can't Stop" on Ryan Seacrest's radio show 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest'. This is a new route for Miley as she's gearing up to release her yet unannounced fourth album; Miley's talking new producers, new attitude and a new do'! Btw, I'm def LOVING this new Miley Cyrus. Miley is defintiely making people forget she's a Disney star and becoming her own rocking music artist. 

Miley's new album is had said to have production from Pharrell Williams (Neptunes), Hit-Boy and more. Oh' to even get you pumping on how big Miley will be this year is that she has also hired Britney Spears long time manager Larry Rudolph! Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, watch out former Disney stars, Miley is def coming full force this year. 

You can listen to Miley debut her new single "We Can't Stop" via Ryan Seacrest's radio show at 7:15AM PDT and right after I will post the audio here, for those who aren't great at catching the morning worm. Meanwhile, I went browsing through Miley's FaceBook page and came across her gorgeous new pictures she's taken. 

 Take A Look At The New Miley ... 

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