July 29, 2013

The Mrs. Carter Video Diary

Photo Courtesy of Beyonce

The Anticipation Is Excruciating !!!! 

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour by Beyoncé is one of the top go to tours this year. Everything from the lighting, songs performed, dancing, costumes and surprises Beyoncé gives 100% on stage each night makes her all out sell out stadiums entertainer. When Beyoncé puts on a show, she puts on a SHOW!!! 

Everything may look easy once Beyoncé hits the stage to perform, but behind the scenes there's another form of life that makes this world tour very special and meaningful. King Bey, takes us behind the stage and on the road to give recognition to the hardworking people who as well contribute to The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour making it all possible and a dream come true. 

In the video diary, you will be introduced to some members of Beyoncé's all female band, dancers, backup singers, crew members,  world renown choreographer Frank Gatson as well as the millions of fans all over the world. You'll even get to see the birth of "Grown Woman" epic performance. 

Basketball Wives Season 5 [Trailer]

Photo Courtesy of VH1
Well, I Spy Drama ALREADY!!! 

Suzie is always in some type of drama every season...

*Waits For Super Trailer* 

New Mixtape: DJ SHY 'Soulful House Mix'



College Club King Mr DJ SHY of New Jersey has just added another classical masterpiece mixtape to his mixtape collections. DJ Shy's 'Soulful House Mix' is def a mixtape that will get the party started in 0.1 second. 

DJ Shy has been working hard to differentiate himself from other DJ's in New Jersey and he always excels when it comes to his mixtapes; he knows just the right songs to mix and which songs to add to keep his audience rocking out all day/night. 

'Soulful House Mix' is a mixtape for those who are in love with house and soul music as well as live instrumentation. If you are looking for the right music to set or end your cookout/party off then I suggest you download this mixtape and have your party be deemed the BEST PARTY EVER!!! 



Listen To 'Soulful House Mix' Below:

LaTroy Watson Covers Shontelle's "Impossible" [Audio]

Hey Everyone, Check Out This Short Cover I Did Of Shontelle's "Impossible". I Was Bored Saturday Night And Started Fooling Around On Soundcloud. I Would Really Love Your Feedback On How You Think I Did And What I Need To Do. 

Singing Has Always Been A Dream Of Mine, But Got Discouraged To Pursue It Based On The Fact, I Didn't Feel I Was Ready, I Still Feel That Way. Music Is A Passion Of Mine And Without It I Don't Think I'd Want To Live. 

Here It Is: 

New Music: Beyoncé "Standing On The Sun" SOS Reggae Mix Feat. MR VEGAS


Here's another leaked Beyoncé song but this one is an extended version of her H&M summer promo single "Standing On The Sun". Not quite like the version heard on the commercial, but it's a cut in which she performed once during her 'The Mrs. Carter Show' World Tour in May. The new version features a sexy reggae vibe as she raps and sings alongside reggae artist Mr. Vegas

Check It Out: 

The Skorpion Show - Kevin's Trip To London

Photo Courtesy of The Skorpion Instagram
Forget Miami, Vegas and LA ... I Want To Go To LONDON!!!

About a week ago our favorite vlogger of the YouTube show 'The Skorpion Show' took a trip outside of the US and flew to London, United Kingdom. As promised, Kevin filmed his whole trip as well as shared photos of his London experience his second time around. 

Kevin was brave enough to take the trip by himself, but once he got there he had met up with friends/fans of 'The Skorpion Show' who made his trip worth the wild. As I was watching part one of the video, I couldn't help but every second aww in astonishment how beautiful and gracious London had to offer; especially the hospitality of Kevin's new England friends. 

I'm not going to tell you all the fun things that happened so far on Kevin's trip, you'll have to watch for yourself. If you have ever traveled out of the country and filmed your experience and would like to share it, please email me and i'll post it. 

Watch Kevin Take London Part 1 Below:

Be Sure To Follow Kevin via The Following: 
Twitter - @TheSkorpion
Instagram - @TheSkorpion

JAY Z's 'Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film' [Trailer]

"An Unprecedented Event..." - HBO

Check out the moving, inspirational and anticipating trailer to the second single off of Jay Z's platinum album 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' for "Picasso Baby". The next year and a half will be highly blessed and a success for rapper veteran Jay Z as he music  and businesses over shadow the entertainment industry as a whole. 

HBO and Jay Z teamed together to film an inspirational and beautiful art project that lasted over 6 hours and on August 2nd the world will get to see Jay Z interact with most prominent artists in an Art Gallery filled with tons of fans. Right after the film, Jay Z will appear on 'Real Time With Bill Maher' for an interview surround 'MCHG'. Jay Z is one of the greatest rappers to ever bless this planet and his body of work will always and forever be classics. 

Take A Look At The Trailer Below:

I'm Calling It Now ... Jay Z Is The Michael Jackson Of Rap!!!

Paris Hilton Parties It Up With French Montana In Malibu

Photo Courtesy of Paris Hilton Instagram

You Can't Help But LOVE Paris Hilton!!! 

I guess if you're last name is Hilton, you're living with all the Hollywood and Entertainment Business connects. Over the weekend multi-billionaire heiress Paris Hilton threw one of the most popular parties at her Malibu beach house that filled the room of happy party goers and a list of A-list rappers and celebs. 

Photo Courtesy of Paris Hilton Instagram

If you haven't known, Paris Hilton is now signed to Lil' Wayne's YMCMB record label where she is gearing up to release her sophomore album. YES...I said sophomore album, she released her debut album 'Paris' back in 2006 which featured the single "Stars Are Blind". This go around Paris Hilton has been in the studio with the best of the best in the industry who have created hits for Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake

Paris Hilton 'Paris' 2006 Album

Back to Paris Hilton's fabulous Malibu party, Paris hit her Instagram, to post videos and pictures of her partying the night away with Maybach Music's own French Montana and YMCMB's own Mack Maine with an appearance from rapper Too $hort. I guess Paris Hilton is now in the likes of everyone in the rap industry. I mean who wouldn't want to party with one of the prettiest billionaires in the world right now?!

Check Paris Hilton Get Down To French Montana Below:

Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story [Movie Trailer]

Photo Courtesy of CLUTCH

Did You Know This Year Marks The 20th Anniversary Year TLC Has Been In The Game?!!!

After months of talking, last week VH1 decided to finally release the trailer for the all new TLC biopic film that focuses on the career and life of three women who impacted and changed the music industry in a phenomenal way. 

TLC is one of the best multi-platinum Grammy recording artists to ever hit the 90s and beyond. Though the group disbanded at such a short time, the legacy will be long lived in this biopic. It was highly questionable who would play the roles of members Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins, Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes and Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas

With deep cast searching, it looks as if VH1 pulled through on the look-a-likes by casting Drew Sidora (T-Boz), Lil' Mama (Left Eye) and KeKe Palmer (Chilli). Before dressing up into character the girls hadn't looked anything like the original members of TLC but once they put on the flashy, retro-trendy, crazy outfits TLC worn, that's when the resemblance became breathtaking. 

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Seacrest
The VH1 biopic is set to air this coming October. The film will feature the beginning of TLC's career, their rise to then following the tragic death of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes. These women have been through a lot and their hopes is that fans everywhere know and understand TLC will always be here, forever. 

Check Out The Trailer Below:

July 24, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Tokyo !!!

I'd like to take the time out of my blogging day to wish a very special person in my life a Happy Birthday ... YES! My beautiful, funny, smart, talented Shih-Tzu Tokyo!

I can't believe you're 6yrs old! I feel like I just got you maybe a year ago, you still sorta kind of act like a puppy, but you've grown into the most precious dog a human can ask for. You're very obedient when you want to be but you always follow me wherever I go. 

I will never forget 6 yrs. ago me and Britany traveled to bring you home. It was a tumultuous journey and we suffered frost bites and all (Not Really, But We Could Have). It was for the better and you now have lived a spoiled life in my room. 

I wish you many more wonderful doggie birthdays and that someday you'll accept another pet into my room besides Dash. I want you to have the best birthday ever today and I want you to know no matter what I will always love you and never give you up!


Check Out Pics Of Tokyo Throughout Her 6 Years Of Living Like Royalty!

July 23, 2013

Tasty Tuesday - Gina's Spinach Dip

Photo Courtesy of Food Network Online

For some reason i'm in love with sauces and dips. I usually dip my meals in some type of side sauce or dip every time I go out to restaurants or just at family cookouts. My dip addiction is Spinach Dip, I had it for the first time last year and ever since i've been hooked. It's something about how creamy and zesty it tastes. In fact, the only Spinach Dip i've ever tasted was from 'Friday's' and 'Chili's'. 

This week's Tasty Tuesday, I decided to bring on Food Network's own The Neely's with their homemade recipe of 'Gina's Spinach Dip'. It's good to go to a restaurant and order the finest Spinach Dip, but that's just too costly when you think about it. Why not buy the ingredients yourself and create the dish at home so you can have it whenever you feel for it. 

Continue After The Jump For Recipe...

Beyoncé Gets Her Hair Snatched On Stage !

Ouch That Gotta Hurt!!!

Last night during Beyoncé's Montreal stop on her 'The Mrs. Carter Show' World Tour, things got a little winded while performing "Halo". As Beyoncé was climbing down to serenade into the audience one of her diva fans got too excited and caught a nice grip of her Virgin Remy and Malaysian hair. 

Like the professional she is, Beyoncé continued to perform the song until she was assisted with help to get her hair untangled from the fierce fan. After the show, Beyoncé quickly jumped to her Instagram where she poked fun at the incident.

Watch The Clip After The Jump...

Selena Gomez 'Stars Dance' In Stores Now!!!

Selena Gomez just might have the best week ever!!!

Yesterday was her 21st birthday and today is the release of her solo album excluding her band The Scene. Selena Gomez is dominating the entertainment industry as a actress/singer as well as her high publicized relationship with Justin Bieber

The lead single of the new album is the Top 20 single "Come & Get It" which the music video now has over 80 million views on YouTube. Other songs on the album feature the party anthem "Birthday" and other favorites such as "Forget Forever", "B.E.A.T", "Like A Champion" and more. Stars Dance, is giving me a 90s Madonna vibe which is suitable for the artist Selena is becoming.

The Album Is Now Number 1 On iTunes Now!!!
Download Your Copy Now!

Guess The Celebrity???

Can You Guess Who The Fresh Faced Singer/Actress Is? 
Continue After The Jump To See If Your Guess Is Correct!

I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding [Pics]

NeNe & Gregg Leakes Wedding Pics Courtesy of Wilford Harewood/Bravo
 Congrats To NeNe & Gregg!!!

Get ready because NeNe Leakes is back with her own reality show and this time it's not involving her and some Atlanta housewives, it's featuring her and husband Gregg Leakes who are filmed planning their second wedding and the guest list is ultra fab and shocking!

If you've been watching Bravo's hit show 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' then you'd understand NeNe and Gregg's relationship has had it's up and downs; even to the point in one season, NeNe filed for divorce from Gregg. Well, now things have changed and Gregg has got his act together and the two have decided to get married twice again!

On September 17th get ready to view NeNe Leakes as the center of attention as she plans her wedding filled with drama from bridesmaids and planning with surprise guest appearances. I'm pretty sure if it's a NeNe Leakes show, we all will be entertained. 

Continue For NeNe & Gregg's Wedding Photos!

Amanda Bynes Is Now Hospitalized For .... MENTAL QUESTIONING!

Photo Courtesy of Daily News
Amanda needs that plus more!

The once girl next door we used to love who is now in the headlines for erratic behavior and slander amongst her celebrity peers is now held under involuntary psychiatric watch after starting a fire in someone's driveway Monday night. 

The fire was started in Thousand Oaks, CA when the fire department arrived and asked Amanda why she started the fire, her answers determined she needed to be hospitalized for mental questioning. 

Bynes, is now under a 5150 hold and can only be held and questioned for a 72 hour period. Who knows what answers Amanda is giving psychiatric doctors right now, but I'm pretty sure the answers aren't sane, knowledgeable reasons. 

Amanda needs to clear up her act and image before she faces serious health and legal matters. What do you think about Amanda's on going embarrassing actions? 

The Breakfast Club Power 105.1: Che Mack [Interview]

Charlamagne is no JOKE! 

If you're not familiar with who Che Mack is then you must know she appeared in a few episodes on this season of VH1's 'Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta', where she was tied up in a love/hate relationship with Stevie J and arch nemesis Joseline Hernandez

The young rapper/bartender from Philly who now resides in Atlanta sat down with New York's Power 105.1 Breakfast Club to clear the air on her reasoning behind wanting to work with Stevie J, beef with Joseline, being asked by 'Love & Hip-Hop' producers to sexually pursue Stevie J to being half way tatted up, her rap career and much more. 

Watching the two part interview made me realize something about Che Mack...she totally looks like as if she can be Keyshia Cole's tomboy twin. It's funny they both sound the same and sort of have the same keep it real mentality. Just my opinion, you'll hear and see for yourself. 

Part 2 After The Jump...

July 22, 2013

New Video: Kelly Rowland "Dirty Laundry" [Dirty Version]

Finally, Kelly Rowland releases the video for her most personal endearing song ever "Dirty Laundry" in which she talks about a past abusive relationship and a bittersweet jealousy towards Beyoncé and her flourishing career. 

Though, this video is listed as VEVO's "DIRTY VERSION", there's nothing dirty about the music video expect it's lyrical content. Kelly Rowland, however didn't relive the scenarios she sings about in the video. I wonder why the reason for creating a simple yet beautiful video without the story. 

As always Kelly Rowland looks beautifully ravishing as she self reflects the past and looks herself face to face as to how could she let that happen. "Dirty Laundry" can be heard off of Kelly Rowland's latest fourth album titled Talk A Good Game which is in stores and on iTunes now. 

Watch The Video For "Dirty Laundry" Below:

OPEN MIC: Calling All Singers & Poets !!!

Do You Sing or Write Poetry? 

Open Mic is back and The Heritage Lounge wants YOU to be apart of it's weekly showcase. Soul Sundays is what it's called and those with extreme incredible talent, come be heard amongst other talented musicians and poets. I suggest you be in the New Jersey or surround areas. Don't be afraid to share you story by song or poem, join a beautiful night with unforgettable moments. 

If you're interested please contact Heritage Soul Sunday in reference to being a performer or just being apart of the audience. Who knows maybe you will see me there one of these weeks. Did I mention Soul Sunday's hosts Enfamous & Farrah Roshay are in to give you all a special treat this coming Sunday!

You Don't Want To Miss Out On A Great Opportunity To Showcase Your Talents! Connect & Network With Amazing People!
Can't Wait To See You There! 

New Video: Kane West "Black Skinhead"

Kane West sure is making music videos very interactive and innovative. Kanye West is handling things now a days through his website; promotion and all with the release of his new summer album 'Yeezus'. There is finally a music video for the lead single "Black Skinhead" but the video isn't a typical music video anyone has ever seen. 

The "Black Skinhead" interactive video actually lets you choose the play and route of the video. With an Instagram icon embedded with a volume control button, which serves as an editing effect. 

Kanye maybe a troubled celeb in the public eye but he is a genius when it comes to his craft. Catch the interactive creative music video and let me know what you think. 

Beyoncé & Jay Z Attend #JusticeForTrayvon Rally In NYC + [Dedication Performances]

Photo Courtesy of Rap-Up
 This past Saturday power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé took time out of their busy touring schedules to attend a #JusticeForTrayvon rally in New York City, founded by The Trayvon Martin Foundation as well as spokesperson Al Sharpton

The nation is very upset with the final verdict of the Zimmerman Trial released two weeks ago. Millions are questioning why did Florida let a murderer roam free without any conviction of being responsible for the death of Trayvon Martin. People are now arguing and rallying for Civil Justice of Trayvon Martin

Though Jay Z and Beyoncé weren't there to talk, they showed their love and support as American citizens fighting for a cause. What a beautiful and brave thing of the couple to do since this trial has seemed to tear the nation apart. The two have been vocal on the situation via their performances, interviews and blogs. 

The most respectable way of showing their love and support was both artists dedicating songs to Trayvon Martin during their tours. Last week, Beyoncé dedicates her mega hit "Halo" after a moment of silence for Trayvon Martin at her Nashiville show. This past weekend Justin Timberlake and Jay Z dedicated "Forever Young" to Trayvon Martin at their Yankee's Stadium show of their joint tour 'Legends of the Summer'. 

Take A Look At Both Performances After The Jump. 

R.I.P Trayvon Martin

Kanye West vs. The Paparazzi

When Will Kanye Learn ?

Last week seemed to be a not so great end of the week for rapper Kanye West as he was involved in another attack against an Los Angeles paparazzi. TMZ has the video footage to show the shocking altercation Kanye and the paparazzi guy faced one on one. 

New Music: Rome "Let Me See You Twerk"


I just caught wind last night Romeo who now goes by Rome has released a new song "Let Me See You Twerk" last week on YouTube. I guess since the #Twerking craze is dominating the music industry, it's every artists best interest to create a #Twerk tune that will make them money. Romeo even gave a shout out via his FaceBook page to Miley Cyrus whom he feels will #twerk after listening! 

Must I remind you Miley Cyrus has been the talked about celebrity to start #twerking on stage with rappers and in music videos. I guess it's a shocker because she was once a squeaky clean image riding the Disney Channel wave. 

Anywho, Romeo is back and his sound is SICK on this song! 
Check it out! GO HEAD RO!

Khloé Kardashian-Odom Co-Hosts On The 'KRIS' Show!

Photo Courtesy of Khloé Kardashian-Odom's Blog
It's Always A Party Whenever Khloé Comes Around!! 

With the flourishing success of Kris Jenner's 'KRIS' daytime talk show, last Friday Kris decided to bring on daughter Khloé Kardashian-Odom as co-host for the day. With that being said the mother daughter duo were in for an unforgettable time as they entertained millions all across America. 

The two E! reality stars and entrepreneurs engaged each other in a game of "Never Have I Ever" which turned out to be shocking and hilarious, the two sat with a magician and even got to pet exotic animals, oh' and shall I say the highlight of the show was the relay race between the both of them. 

If you missed the show you can watch it here! Be prepared to laugh your tush off! 

New Video: Joseline Hernandez "Mi Colta"

Of Course Stebbie Makes An Appearance !
The "International Puerto Rican Princess" Ms. Joseline Hernandez released her music video for her single "Mi Colta" this past weekend and her body is looking BOMB! No wonder why Ms. Hernandez has been in the gym constantly throughout VH1's 'Love & Hip-Hop: ATL' season. 

This is not a bad video for the "PUERTO RICAN PRINCESS", I just wish she rapped in English but it's her career, her music, her way as she states to her manager/boyfriend Stevie J who also makes a cameo in the video. The video was shot in Ponce, Puerto Rico and i'm assuming in a rough neighborhood Joseline grew up. 

Check Out The Video & Watch It Again Tonight As It Said To Premiere After Tonight's Episode Of 'Love & Hip-Hop'. 

What Do You Think? 

New Music: Ariana Grande "Baby I"

Following the platinum success of her debut single "The Way" feat. Mac Miller, Nickelodeon teen sensation Ariana is back with her second single "Baby I". The song written and produced by Babyface, Tony Dixon and j.Que is set to be another hit in just a matter of moments. 

"Baby I" is giving me a mix between Ashanti's "Rock Wit U (Aww Baby)" and an earlier Mariah Carey pop tune. Nonetheless, I'm absolutely loving the musical debut of Ariana Grande. Listen to the new single below and download it on iTunes now!

Movie Trailer: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire & The Veronica Mars Movie

This past weekend Comic-Con had a whole bunch of surprises up there sleeve with movie trailers such as the sequel to the hit Blockbuster 'The Hunger Games' and CW's hit TV show 'Veronica Mars'. I know millions all over the world have been waiting the release trailer of 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' and those who have been avid fans of the show 'Veronica Mars' gets their wishes granted with one last final episode turned into a movie. Excited for both and can't wait to watch both motion pictures. 

Drama Or Not So Drama? 'Basketball Wives Season 5'

Left To Right: Suzie Ketcham, Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman & Tasha Marbury


It's been nearly a year since we've seen the ladies of VH1 capture our eyes as they fist fight, throw bottles, file for divorce and threaten one another left and right on the hit show 'Basketball Wives'. Thousands all over the world witnessed the extreme magnitude of drama and petitioned the show be taken off air, as it was giving women and African-American's a bad name. 

 While VH1 pulled the plug on it's LA spinoff, creator and producer Shaunie O'Neal assures us there is indeed a fifth season heading our way soon. Late last year and earlier this year 'Basketball Wives' veterans Shaunie O'Neal, Evelyn Lozada and even Tami Roman stated in their individual interviews, this new season will focus less on the drama (insinutating there is no more drama at all) and more about the family and business well-being each cast member has going on in their lives.  

Well, what's a show without a little bit of drama? ... Exactly, NOTHING! VH1 on the other hand had something different to say about the new "no drama" season of 'Basketball Wives'. Taken from the synopsis of the fifth season, as you read you can expect some drama between the cast mates of course. Check out the synopsis from VH1 after the jump!

Mixtape: RELL G - Humble

I like to support and showcase those on the rise with extreme talent. Here comes a new unsigned artist from Elizabeth, New Jersey and he goes by the name RELL G. He just released his debut mixtape titled 'Humble' which features his summer penned single "Foreign Bitch"

I've been paying a good eye on Rell G and his music and I have to say this guy has potential with the right team and the right mind. Rell G may be new but I have a feeling he brings something new to the rap game. The video for "Foreign Bitch" will be out shortly. 

Take A Listen To 'Humble' & Be Sure To Download Your Copy! 

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by DatPiff.com

Connect With Rell G Via The Following: 
FaceBook:Rell G
Twitter: @Rellgman

H A P P Y ❤ 21st ❤ B I R T H D A Y ❤ Selena Gomez !

Hold Up ... 21?! 

Time goes by so fast in the entertainment industry. Today marks the 21st birthday of Disney starlet Selena Gomez. I can't believe the young woman turns 21 today, I feel she was just 16 when she started off playing Alex Russo on Disney's hit show 'Wizards of Waverly Place' just two years ago. Welp, I guess I'm getting old too fast. 

I'd like to wish Selena Gomez a Happy 21st Birthday and may God continue to successfully bless her with a blossoming career and life. It's great to see a tween star who hasn't hit rock bottom after being given the opportunity to become a child star at very such a young age. Such a beautiful GROWN ASS WOMAN now! Biebs better hold on to her TIGHTLY! 

I'm still shocked at how she's 21!!! 


July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Basement Party Fun !!!

My BFF Britany & Myself Acting Silly (2007)

Whew...Time Flies By When You're Having Fun! 

Beyoncé Performs "Bow Down" For The First Time [Video]

Beyoncé is surprising the #BeyHive left and right when it comes to her #TheMrsCarterShow World Tour. In the recent past months since she started touring in May, Beyoncé has took it upon herself to perform new material of songs that has leaked since the beginning of the year. The songs Beyoncé peformed at some venues are "Grown Woman", "Standing On The Sun" and #KingBey's most controversial song "Bow Down/I Been On". 

Well this past Monday, Beyoncé took the stage of her hometown Houston, Texas to perform a bit of the song before leading into the song "DIVA". If Beyoncé wasn't as ratchet enough when taking that photo of her in her Houston's snapback and gold grillz then you'd see her get nitty gritty ratchet as she performed "Bow Down". 

Oh', Beyoncé makes it very clear in the intro of the video that she's addressing the HATERS who has ever talked smacked about her such as whether her hair is real or not, always wearing leotards, being apart of the illuminati, turning down Kelly & Michelle's mice at the SuperBowl and most talked about pregnancy rumors to BOW DOWN!

NOPE! This Isn't The Live Performance Of "Bow Down"!!! Check Out The Performance After The Jump...

Rihanna Debuts New Hair Color [Code Grey]

Photo Courtesy of Rihanna Instagram
Bad Gal RiRi goes GREY! 

Rihanna's known for her astonishing and trendsetting looks, but this one look has by far taken my breath away!!! Rihanna debuted a new hair color change from the 'Unapologetic' black/blonde reign to a mere classic and bold grey. 


New Music: Beyonce "On The Run" [Solo Version]

2013 seems to be the year #KINGBEY is dropping leaked songs left and right to hold us up until the await of a new album. With the recent buzz and success of her husband/rapper Jay-Z's newest album #MCHG (Magna Carta Holy Grail), a leaked solo version of Jay-Z's "Part II (On The Run)" hit the net  two weeks ago as Beyoncé's solo version. The two paired back up to record a follow up version of their 2003's hit duet "03' Bonnie & Clyde" which originally landed on Jay-Z's #MCHG as a feature. 

"Part II (On The Run)" seems to be a fan favorite on the classic now #1 album on the charts! King Bey's solo version has the #BeyHive going crazy in the vicinity of their homes, cars and clubs. It's lovely to hear Beyoncé sing in her low vocal range on top of a hip-hop & rnb beat. Bey's voice and lyrics just sounds like the perfect fit for the song. 

If You Haven't Heard The Song Then Take A Listen. 

New Music: CHINO & MAR "WDGAF"

Left To Right: Chino & Mar 
Brooklyn, New York unsigned artists are on the rise ! Look out for MORE BUCK$ Entertainment artists Chino & Mar as they are new on the music scene with their first single "WDGAF" self explanatory (We Don't Give A Fuck) from their upcoming mixtape 'Street Tape' this September. 

There's nothing like hearing nitty gritty rap as such as New York artists, they have their own swag that's unpredictable. I'm pretty sure these two will be releasing a video for the single but for now check out the new artists show them love and be sure to download the single "WDGAF". 

Be Sure To Follow Chino & Mar Via The Following: 
Instagram: Chino & Mar
FaceBook: Chino

Does Justin Bieber Own A Snow Leopard ???

Photos Courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram
The only celebs with a crazy infatuation with exotic animals that I know of was Michael Jackson and Hugh Hefner but since when did Justin Bieber become infatuated with exotic animals?! Hmm... The baby snow leopard cub looks cute as a teddy bear but seriously does Justin Bieber own this exotic animal? 

Take A Look At What Justin Bieber Had To Say About The Cub...

Well, we're still not quite sure if he owns the leopard or not, but if he does ... he's made himself one helluva BAD ASS!!! Lately, the Biebs has been posting pictures on Instagram of him toned and shirtless with an urban swag. If you ask me, his latest look reminds me of BARBIE's boyfriend KEN dressed down as if he's attending a N.W.A concert! Well what the hell, we all love Justin Bieber's BAD ASS look! 

Take A Look At More Pics Of The Biebs After The Jump!