August 27, 2013


The title def speaks for itself!!! Here's a video I edited last night of my best friend LaTisha & myself when we were bored at 3AM last month... YOLO!!!

PhotoBooth Boredom

I get very bored easily at home, so when i'm antsy I literally hop on PhotoBooth and start taking silly fun pictures with outrageous effects. Out of all the web cam laptops i've had, I must say the MacBook Pro has one of the best photo applications to date. 

I know there are other Mac photo applications, but I'm jus so used to PhotoBooth; if there are others you use, let me know which ones and i'll be sure to try those different effects.

August 14, 2013

#FlashWednesday LongIslandFlash "Wussup Wussup"

"Little Rihanna's All They See Is Dolla Signs, Hit These Hoes With A Curve That's A Comma Sign..."

AND HE'S BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!!! The moment we've all been waiting for is officially here! Check out the new track from Long Island native rapper LongIslandFlash with "Wussup Wussup". This song officially gets 5 out of 5 stars from me!!! 

"Wussup Wussup" produced by AzBeats is a set in stone new type of sound previous than what LongIslandFlash had been recording before. I guess this long awaited break was needed in order for him to be inspired to create a new sound and put out something different. 

Listen To "Wussup Wussup" Below: 

This is just the beginning to a new era of music by LongIslandFlash. Until the release of his EP coming 2014, he plans on releasing a new track on the 20th of each month. Who know's what other hot songs LongIslandFlash has up his sleeve, it may even be a hot collabo that brings West Palm Beach and Long Island together! 

If You're Feeling This Song & Rapper LongIslandFlash Please Show Support By Connecting With Him Via The Following: 
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The Breakfast Club: K. Michelle [Interview]

K. Michelle Stops By Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club 8.14.13
K. Michelle Told Mona Scott Young, She's Not Filming With The Cast Of Love & Hip-Hop: New York Because...

Yesterday was the release of K. Michelle's debut album 'Rebellious Soul' and on the promotion circuit she stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy, Charlamagne the God and Angela Yee as she talked label politics, not being taken serious, her new relationship with a NBA player, her 'HOT POCKET' as well as dishing on why she decided not to film with the cast of 'Love & Hip-Hop: New York' but will appear on the new upcoming season as well as her own reality show in the works. 

'Rebellious Soul' Is In Stores Now! 

Kevin Hart's Response To Kendrick Lamar's "Control" Verse [Video]

Kevin Hart Ain't Worried Bout Nothin' ... Could Be The Next KONY?! 

In the midst of all the Hip-Hop hoopla buzz surrounding a bonus track Big Sean dropped yesterday which featured an ill verse from hip hop newbie Kendrick Lamar in which he named dropped some of the top rappers in the Hip-Hop industry. The now talked about track "Control" featured Kendrick Lamar challenging those rappers who he named in taking their status and making them irrelevant in the industry as well as dubbing himself the new KING OF NEW YORK. For the full story on "Control" please head on over to US Magazine.

Meanwhile, while all of Hip-Hop is going in the studio laying their responses to Kendrick Lamar, another entertainment money maker, but known for making his money being a comedian and actor decided to take heed and join the battle. YES! Kevin Hart has decided to respond to the Kendrick Lamar verse and as serious as Kevin might think he is, we can't help but laugh! 

Check Out Kevin Hart's Response: 

Do You Think Kendrick Should Be Threatened By Kevin's Response?

Listen To "Control" After The Jump.

August 12, 2013

Coming Soon LongIslandFlash "Wussup Wussup"

Photo Cred: LongIslandFlash Instagram

He's Making A Comeback !!! 

Remember when in 2011 when I introduced you all to Long Island, New York native rapper Christopher Brutus who goes by the name LongIslandFlash? If you don't remember or never heard of him then I suggest you click here.

The rapper has jumped out the rapping scene to handle business which took a bit longer than expected. Making a big move from New York down to West Palm Beach, Florida can be a bit stressful as well as tedious. Back when Flash was on his grind, every Wednesday he would post a new freestyle/song he had written himself, whether it be rapping on an artist's track or an original song of his own. 

LongIslandFlash IS BACK! This coming Wednesday, the dope young rising rapper is releasing his new single "Wussup Wussup" as a part of his incomparable #FlashWednesday movement. Flash has assured me he has a new sound that will blow everyone away and this time he is here to stay! 

As a fan and follower of LongIslandFlash, I will premiere with you all the new single from Flash this coming Wednesday at 4:20 PM. Be sure to hit every social networking site with hashtag #FlashWednesday #WussupWussup !

Until Then, Check Out LongIslandFlash's "I'm On One" Music Video

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August 10, 2013

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour - My Experience [Video]

Hey Everyone!

Extremely sorry about the delay of uploading the video I promised of my experience at Beyoncé's 'The Mrs. Carter Show' world tour. Editing took forever and I didn't know the finalizing and uploading portions would nearly take almost half the day. It was a pretty gruesome process for my eyes and brain. I tried to be as creative as can be. I got the job done and it is now available to view. 

A little about the video before you watch it. I wanted to edit and create this video as entertaining as possible. The clips I actually recorded weren't very entertaining enough, so I thought I'd borrow video clips from YouTube and a YouTube user by the name of 'JBoogie157'. I created a YouTube DVD experience with chapters included. 

Editing Process

I wanted to showcase Beyoncé's momentum up until she started her tour. Before touring, there were a few promotions Beyoncé engaged in from the top of year (2013) until now (the tour). If you all don't remember Beyoncé performed at Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show and I started with that performance followed by the tour's first AD commercial leading up to the promotions of PEPSI and H&M. To really get your momentum going, I added the official 'The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour' trailer which begins my experience at the concert. 

I had such a great time editing this video as well as attending the concert. I plan on going back a second time to the tour this December 19th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. I hope you all enjoy this video and if you haven't purchased your ticket to see Beyoncé, I'd advise you to do so immediately. 

Check Out Pictures From The Day To The Show After The Jump!

August 8, 2013

#ThrowbackThursday - Ameriie At The 'Destiny Fulfilled & Lovin It Tour'

Ameriie Circa 2005

WOW, I can't believe Ameriie was the first celebrity i've got to see up close and personal and even took a picture. The Destiny's Child 'Destiny Fulfilled & Lovin' It Tour'[Madison Square Garden/NYC] was my first concert ever and to see such great opening acts such as Tyra B., Ameriie and Mario was an unforgettable moment I will cherish forever. 

This was when Ameriie was promoting her sophomore LP 'Touch' and I was surprised when I saw she was opening, I had gotten the album and knew the words to every song she performed. I love the artist Ameriie has become since that day and yet she still remains underrated. Ameriie will be back on top again ... sooner than you think! 

Haha, I remember my best friend LaTisha and I sneaking from our terrible seats to creep and take a picture of Ameriie. Though she tried hard to disguise herself, we spotted Ameriie's petite frame amongst hundreds of Destiny's Child fans. This was a perfect picture, just wish I would have gotten to touch and hug Ameriie in a picture.

Maybe One Day, Maybe One Day...

Are We 'Crazy In Love' With The New Beyoncé Short Cut?

Last night Beyoncé sent Twitter and the whole world wide web in a frenzy as she debuted a new hairstyle. A hairstyle so different than anyone would expect from the multi-platinum diva who always uses fans as her number one prop on stage while she's performing her hits. Beyoncé is actually quite known for long blonde locks as it has become apart of her brand. 

The pixie cut made some fans happy while some fans were upset about the cut but nonetheless, this is Beyoncé we're talking about and she will do 'WHATEVER SHE WANTS' with or without approval of anyone. King Bey shared some photos via her Instagram of the new cut. Hopefully this new look is hinting a new album much sooner than we know it.

Lady GaGa 'Abramovic Method' [Video] #NSFW

Photo Courtesy of Hypable
Abramovic Method - a series of exercises designed to heighten participants’ awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment.

Well, Lady GaGa is just being GaGa I guess...MaMa Monster went viral yesterday as an explicit video of the popstar was pulled from YouTube. The video showed GaGa in a series of exercises to help launch performance artist Marina Abramovic's Art Project. In the past years, Lady GaGa has stated how much of a fan and how inspired she was by Abramovic's works. 

In the video GaGa is completely naked were we can visibly see her breasts in certain shots that may be uncanny to an audience. This isn't noting compared to the many shocking stunts Lady GaGa has pulled throughout her sky high successful career. I would call all of this fiasco a publicity stunt since returning to the scene announcing the arrival of her third album 'ARTPOP'. The was to be released earlier this year, but was postponed due to a severe hip injury sustained last year that left her in a wheel chair for  quite some time. 

Watch The #NSFW Video After The Jump...

Pre-Order Tamar Braxton's 'LOVE AND WAR'

The Official LP Artwork

Tamar Braxton's sophomore album 'LOVE AND WAR' isn't due to hit stores until September 3rd, but for those who have their coins in their pockets can now pre-order the album before its available to the world. You might not think the younger sister of Toni Braxton may be as big as Toni; well bet your bottom dollar Tamar just might be the top Braxton for the next couple of years.'LOVE AND WAR' has already gone number one on the R&B iTunes chart. 

LOVE AND WAR #1 On R&B iTunes Chart

With singles such as "Love And War" and "The One" who wouldn't want to pre-order the album right now?! Tamar assures us she's bringing real R&B back with heavy producers such as Harvey Mason Jr., LaShawn Daniels, TC and more this album is bound to bring R&B back and become the most anticipated album of the year. 

LOVE AND WAR Tracklisting

College Humor - The GPS Prank [Video]

I Wouldn't Put It Past A GPS...

As technology rapidly progresses, I wouldn't be shocked if GPS's started giving unsolicited advice and comments. I came across a video on YouTube by College Humor who filmed a short hilarious video titled 'The GPS Prank', which basically fools Taxi patrons into thinking the GPS is talking to them, watching their every move even down to what they are wearing. 

If you're not familiar with College Humor, then you should know the brand is a group of people mostly a college student body staff who create awareness and comical sketches as well as music videos for our entertaining eyes. College Humor has over 4 million subscribers and many of their videos have all passed the 1 million mark. Goes to show how interesting and creative their videos are.

Do You Trust Your GPS Or Taxi Now?

August 6, 2013

Album Stream: K. Michelle 'Rebellious Soul'

K. Michelle has given VH1 the permission and gift of streaming her debut album 'Rebellious Soul' a week before it hits stores on August 13th. We've been blessed for years now with K. Michelle singles and mix tapes, now comes the time where we actually hear a full production album which K. Michelle is singing about relationships. If you've never tuned into VH1's 'Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta' then you'd want to know K. Michelle has been very open and vocal about her tumultious love life as well as being in an abusive relationship in her past.

The album, 'Rebellious Soul' features eleven songs with one feature from Meek Mill and the rest is simply K. Michelle blessing us with her beautiful vocals and daring stories. After straight listening to the album for 44 mins, I am highly pleased and I anticipate the await of her album to be released so the whole world can hear this beautiful body of work the young reality starlet has shed sweat and tears for. 

Favorite Songs On The Album Are "Damn", "I Don't Like Me", "Can't Raise A Man", "V.S.O.P.", "It's Too Late", "Hate On Her", "When I Get A Man" and the emotional song written for her son "A Mother's Prayer". 

The Album's Lead Single Is "V.S.O.P." with buzz that "I Don't Like Me" is her second single, but I really feel believe K. Michelle should release "Can't Raise A Man" as the second single. Overall, the album sounds great & I wish K. Michelle the best of luck when releasing the album. 

Pre-Order 'Rebellious Soul' On iTunes & Amazon Now!
Album In Stores August 13th!

Eye Candy: Meet 24 Year Old Quan Davis [Bachelor]

Any Ladies Single & Looking? 

Meet Quan Davis

Age: 24
Height: 6'1
Weight: 185
Residence: Newark, NJ
Occupation: Security 
Astrological Sign: Aquarius 
Children: 1 Daughter 
Drives: YES
Social: Very Humble & People Person

5 Words To Describe This Ultimate Bachelor: 

1. Funny

2. Outgoing

3. Deep

4. Wise

5. Unique 

If You're Interested In Quan Davis, Find Him Attractive & Would Like To Know More About Him, Please Contact Me Or Him Via The Following: 

FaceBook: Quan Davis
Twitter: @89_quan
Instagram: @89_quan

K. Michelle Serenades To 'Love & Hip-Hop' Cast Members

Well We Now Know Why There Was Tension Between K. Michelle And MiMi...

If you weren't in the loop last night during VH1's premiere of 'Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta: Reunion Show' then you have missed a lot this whole part 1. The whole cast was there to discuss their situations and fights throughout their second season. Of course, the feud between MiMi and K. Michelle was slightly bought up and the room sensed tension between the two by the way of their body language and simply responses. 

Earlier that day before the reunion aired, VH1 invited K. Michelle to write songs about her cast mates and then perform them. Some of the songs were tasteful and some were displeasing to certain cast members. One strikingly hurtful and embarrassing to MiMi in which K. Michelle referred to her as a "FOOL". 

So far VH1 only posted three of the many serenade videos that's soon to come after part 2 of the reunion show. The videos were released today as a Web Exclusive and not aired on TV. I'd have to admit, K. Michelle is one talented entertainer vocally and lyrically; even if you she says something about you upsetting in a song, you can't help but laugh it off; it's your actions one is referencing on. 

Take A Look At The Serenading Performances Below:

New Music: DRAKE "Hold On We're Going Home"

Hear Drake's New Single Off His Upcoming Album, Nothing Was The Same Which Hits Stores September 17. If You Missed Drake The Singer, Then This New Track Gives You Just That And Much More! 


The Mrs. Carter Show 'My Experience' Promo

Walmart: Get On The Shelf - VOTE 'Party Planner In A Box' !


Hey Everyone, Would You Mind Doing Me A HUGE Favor And That Is To Vote For My Friend And Her Partner's 'Party Planner In A Box' To Be Shelved At Walmart

The short video explains more in depth detail and information on 'Party Planner In A Box'. I haven't seen anything like this until Shana sent me the link to the video, I mean instead of juggling all over the place for supplies, why not scoop up the many supplies in one box. Pretty easy and stress free and importantly AFFORDABLE!!!

If You Like Shana & Her Friend's Idea, Please VOTE So That We Can All See The Idea Come To Life & Be SOLD On WALMART Shelves!!! 


The Mrs. Carter Show - Beyoncé "Bow Down" + JAY Z "Tom Ford" [Performances]

Photo Courtesy of Beyoncé

#KingBey keeps pulling surprises at certain select venues on her 'The Mrs. Carter Show' world tour, whether it be introducing the #BeyHive to a new song, outfit change, special guest and etc. 
During Beyoncé's three night stint in her home of Brooklyn, New York on the last night 8/5/13 the powerhouse performer bought performed "Bow Down" a second time as well as bought out her husband legendary rapper JAY Z as he performed "Tom Ford" off his new album 'Magna Carta Holy Grail'. 

Beyoncé and JAY Z came home and showed out! Check out their performances that made the crowd go crazy wild. If you haven't purchased your ticket to Beyoncé's tour then your last chance to see her in the New York City area would be December 19th. I highly suggest you grab your chance to see the music industry's triple threat entertainer!