January 1, 2014

Beyoncé- 'Self-Titled' PART 4. LIBERATION

After the BIG SURPRISE Beyoncé gave us last year 12.13.2013 with releasing her fifth self titled album on iTunes only, the ENTERTAINMENT ICON also known as KING BEY has been releasing a series of videos that lets us in on Beyoncé; the Singer, Performer, Mother, Wife,Person and ARTIST. Beyoncé's videos gives us behind the scenes footage as well as interview on the release and creation of her platinum selling new album 'BEYONCÉ' as it became one of iTunes fastest selling albums to date. 

In PART 4. LIBERATION, Beyoncé talks about the graphic song on the album "PARTITION". A track that invites fans and listeners to the seductive sounds of Beyoncé sexually engaging in acts with her husband rapper, JAY Z. With such lines such as "HE POPPED ALL MY BUTTONSAND HE RIPPED MY BLOUSEHE MONICA LUWINSKI’D ALL ON MY GOWN...", Beyoncé raised eyebrows to critics saying this has never been heard and done by the DIVA herself. In the video, Beyoncé tells us how she never played the track for her mother, Tina Knowles


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