July 17, 2014

The Beginning of a New Era


There comes a time in a person's life where they must contemplate their thoughts and let it out in written format. However, I have a lot of thoughts, questions as well as answers I need to express to you all. I've decided to give a certain self evaluation needed space on my blog for myself as an outlet to express some of the things on my mind: what's bothering me, ideas, advice and stories. 

Some of you only are familiar with me through my blog (Entertainment) and some of you know me personally. You might have questions as to where have I been?, what have I been up to? and most importantly why haven't I been blogging lately?. The question that I frequently get asked is do I still blog?. The answer to that is, YES! I still blog (THANK YOU ALL WHO SHOW SUPPORT). I had to take a step back to focus on my senior year of college (Which I completed this past May). As to why didn't I come back? I won't give you an answer just yet. 

Which is why I decided to start a journal/blog portion on my website. I'm stuck between calling my site a blog or not. I purchased a domain, it is a place where I post entertainment stories, I generally feel like I am entitled to call it my website. This here journal portion will be a reflection of who I really am as a person. Not a lot of people really know me as a human being, they just know me based on how I portray myself on the outside. TRUST ME there is a fine thick layer between who I really am and what you really see. 

Each week I'll write a journal entry and by doing so it will unfold to the person I really am. I am caring, silly, serious, emotional, loving, a friend, a lover, an aspiring singer/actor, blogger, writer, reader, as well as a huge supporter. Most importantly, I LOVE MYSELF