September 8, 2014

Jordin Sparks Pens A Loving Tumblr Post About Her Dad & Loved Ones

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Leave it to Jordin Sparks to give us something thoughtful and spiritual all in a Tumblr post. The American Idol winner and actress took the time out to post a loving letter about her father and taking the time out of her busy schedule to call up a few loved ones for memories. In the letter, Jordin describes how thankful she is to speak to her father on more than one occasion where he humbles her as well as learns more about the man who has known her all her life.

Jordin reminds us no matter how busy we are for anyone the importance of picking up that phone call, text, video chat or etc. will create memories that will live on forever. Live in the moment. Jordin Sparks titles the post 'When The Memories Flood In'. Jordin writes: 

"Last night, I got misty eyed listening to my song, Just For The Record. Not because it’s 7ish years old. (Which is CRAZY to me.) But because it was and is my Dad’s favorite. If this was a slideshow, you’d see all the times he would sing the tag line to me with a goofy grin on his face. How his face would light up when he heard the beginning instrumental with that tell-tale whistle. Oh, and when he would start to dance and really get into singing the song with me…
He lives in across the country now and those memories are so precious to me. (Among many, many others) Even though he’s only a flight away, and I just got to see him, sometimes it seems like it’s just SO far. And, it hits me at times with a vengeance. Like, RIGHT NOW as I type this. But, thank God for technology! We got to facetime after I posted that video and my heart stopped feeling like it was being squeezed! I am making it a priority that I squeeze in an extra day or two for those I love. No matter where I am or how much work I have. I will walk, run, drive or fly wherever they are to spend time with them. It has been so rewarding.
My Dad is the most simple yet complex man you’ll ever meet in your life. What did Shrek say? ‘Ogres have layers!’ That’s how my Dad is. He has lots and lots of layers. As we’ve gotten older, it’s been interesting to peel back some of the them that I never knew were there. It has made me love and appreciate him more than I already do. I LOVE YOU DAD! <3
When you’re a kid, you think everyone is going to be close and within arms reach forever. Then, all of a sudden, you blink.
and you’re older
and you have you’re own responsibilities
and everyone, it feels, is gone in some way
I’ve been very, very nostalgic lately. I think it’s because there’s been a great deal of milestones within my family and in my life. My family is EVERYTHING to me. I plan my work time around my family time. Not the other way around. Within a year, there’s been a new business opened, two marriages, multiple relocations & a baby! (I’m an Auntie!!) Not to mention everything that has been happening behind the scenes with me, but that’s for another time.
All of these happenings are amazing and memories that we’ll always cherish. But, when the dust settles and you try to clear the surface, you realize things aren’t the same. That there’s been a monumental shift. That everyone is off living their own lives. That they’re caught up in the tornado that is their own world. That, that’s okay. That, holy crap, you’re not a little kid anymore.
and you’re unsure
and the world seems so huge
and you can seem…so small in comparison. 
That you miss them. You miss them being right around the corner. You miss them blasting music from the bedroom across the hall. You miss that hug that one time you didn’t even know you wanted and it instantly made you feel better. You miss the ‘tic-tic-tic’ of the keyboard which signaled they were hard at work. You miss the glow of the TV late at night because someone is up playing their favorite game console.
Sometimes, I even long for the moments that never unfolded. Things I don’t even know I missed….
What I’m trying to say is, BE PRESENT.
Say yes to that game night with your grandparents. Say yes to babysitting your niece/nephew on a friday night. Say yes to going over to help your friends paint or unpack their new home. Answer that phone call from your relative who can talk for hours. 
When the time comes, all we have are those memories. Are we really going to say ‘I’m so glad I put in overtime for work that one day.’ No. We’re going to go through our memories like a flipbook. Remembering those amazing times with those who cared.
So, my friends…
Cherish the ones you love and those who love you backBecause, it goes by so incredibly fast.
Life is short. Live it loving."

Beautifully Written Jordin Sparks! Now Step Back Into The Studio & Give Us MUSIC!!!

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